Rogue Magazine News 7 Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It takes a lot of cash and effort to remodel a kitchen. Even though the cost may be exorbitant, you can consider renovating your home as an investment. Renovating your kitchen can cause the value of your home to increase.

You can use these tips below to avoid making mistakes that will cost you a lot of money while refurbishing. You’ll see common mistakes that people make when remodeling their kitchen and ways to avoid them. The list below also contains ideas for every part of your kitchen.

1. Doing It on Your Own

You should ensure you contact a professional kitchen remodeler even if you’re a person who likes to do DIY projects. That professional will help you by giving you advice and offering tips on how to fine-tune your plan to remodel. They may even recommend different ideas that you can consider using.

2. Overwhelming an Already Small Space

If you have a small kitchen, you can consider using a small peninsula instead of an island. You should always keep the size of the kitchen you’re remodeling it. Overwhelming a small space is a no-no. There are many options available to decorate a small space.

3. Not Incorporating Enough Storage

A good kitchen design will layout storage to fit the space available. After all, you can’t just put boxes on strings in your kitchen. Also, apart from cabinets, shelves and open storage, there are many other types of storage available. If you’re a classier person and want a sleek look for your kitchen, you can use cabinet doors made from glass or buy stainless steel metal sheets and incorporate it into your kitchen redesign for a modern look.

4. Doing Impetuous Designs

When materials are in a showroom, they can look different from when they’re in your kitchen space. Before you choose a design for your floor or countertops, ensure you bring a sample home and test how it will look there. You should also test the sample under lightings that is like the one you have in the kitchen or the new one you’re going to use when remodeling.

5. Not Protecting Your Work Space

Ensure you protect your floor and surrounding walls from dripping paint and other debris. Doing this will save cleanup time after you complete remodeling. You can use a mudroom that will trap

dust while giving you easy access in and out of your kitchen area. You can make your own mudroom by using poles, plastic sheets, and an adhesive zipper.

6. Underutilizing Space

Check for all spaces in your kitchen that you aren’t using and use them. One space that is often unused is the toe-kick space beneath cabinets. You can turn this space into storage for items that you don’t use daily, such as linens and serve wares. Utilizing this space will also help keep your counter free from unnecessary clutter.

7. Changing Your Mind After You Start Remodeling

You should ensure that you have all your ideas intact before you start the remodeling process. Changing your mind while in the process can cause your budget to grow exponentially. Researching and thinking about your plans ahead of time will make the process smoother. You should also ensure that all your material is ready to go when the contractor is ready to work.

During remodeling, there are things that can go wrong, but if you follow these steps outlined above, you can ease some problems that you may incur.

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