Author: Stephen Holm

Stephen Holm is a professional business consultant who has experience starting and building a business from the ground up. He started off with a strong, foundational education that he obtained by learning from some of the top minds in the industry. He was able to build a successful company that became a leader in the industry before selling it and exploring new opportunities. He has also served as a management consultant, using his diverse experience and strong educational background to help his clients identify new opportunities for revenue growth and expansion. In this manner, he has taken numerous companies from the ground up, helping them reach their full potential. Even though he has retired from the business world, he still likes to keep up with what is happening. He believes that educating his readers helps him keep his mind sharp. Therefore, there is nothing that he likes more than sharing his knowledge with others. With a tremendous amount of experience, he is always able to provide a unique take on what is happening in the business world. This provides every reader with a window into what is happening in global trade, finance, and more. He tries to keep up with some of the latest mergers, acquisitions, and other major deals that are happening in the finance world. Then, he provides a unique take on what this means for the industry. He publishes his articles on some of the biggest business platforms in the world on a regular basis. Originally, Jacob is from Brooklyn. Even though he enjoyed his time living in New York City, he decided to pick up his five children and move to Israel back in 2014. He has enjoyed his experience living in Israel thus far, as it has provided new challenges and adventures both for him and his family. Of course, this also provides Jacob with plenty of material for his writing projects. As a result of his diverse array of experiences, he is now able to write on a vast array of topics. Some of these topics that he enjoys writing about include the latest advances in technology, interesting developments in the world of business, New Frontiers in the field of marketing, countless political issues, ethical dilemmas, and even current affairs. He also draws on his experience as a father and writes about family matters. Given the wide variety of these topics, Jacob is one of the most versatile writers in the industry and enjoys sharing his talents with others. Furthermore, Jacob enjoys being active on social media. He is a member of numerous groups on Facebook, which allows him to share his passions with others while also furthering his writing experience. Throughout the years, Jacob has watched the internet grow largely through the lens of his writing. When Jacob isn't busy writing, he likes to explore his hobbies. He is always excited to catch the latest movies and enjoy spending time with family members and friends. He has enjoyed his time as a writer and the countless adventures it has brought him. He is always looking for the next big topic or story that he can fashion for his readers.