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Author: Jacob Maslow

My goal is to see direct impact and see quick results. When you need help growing your business or just maintaining your competitive edge, I’m the one who can get you the market share and ROI you’re looking for while helping reduce costs. I work as a consultant, and am frequently engaged in e-marketing and strategy development. I’ve helped many businesses analyze their market productivity to help boost their profitability. If you’d like to develop strategies that will help you grow your business, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the beginning stages or well established. I have the expertise and intuition needed to find those key areas of focus for optimal results. I'm a creative thinker who often works closely with product manufacturers, outsourcing firms, vendors and purchasing departments to design and negotiate revenue generating strategies and cost containment that provide long-lasting value. You’ll be able to see my effectiveness and commitment through the results I achieve for you. What constantly inspires me is the dynamic nature of the SEO consulting and e-marketing industry. The ever-evolving Internet marketplace and the nuances of how I do what I do are always in flux -- and that keeps me challenged, always growing my skills, always trying to beat my top score. Merchants have benefited greatly by my efforts, achieving significant cut backs on cost per click rates while growing their organic SEO traffic. My consulting efforts pay for themselves as their ROI improves. Specialties e-Commerce Conversion Rate improvement,  Internet Marketing Management, SEO Strategy, Amazon, eBay and Pay per Click (PPC)Campaigns  Major marketing accomplishments With highly popular eBay Channel 1, I expanded website traffic to achieve 100,000 unique visits per month. This software automates daily feed to numerous search engines. Sales increased 20% with the addition of a top-rated affiliate program, leading to a #1 in the category.  Using Google Affiliate Network to drive incremental sales, I dramatically improved sales volume. Some highlights: Expanded consumer electronics product offerings to drive incremental sales Achieved dominance in the dehumidifier market during the wet season Reduced marketing costs 25% while harnessing data entry outsourcing for expansion of products offered –  Resulting data entry costs were 80% less than domestic costs.  Developed Q&A forum that achieved an industry-leading conversion rate (15%). Used reviews to increase conversion rate of top-selling products Utilized Fulfillment by Amazon  program, eliminating most shipping costs (received 30 day free trial and negotiated repeated extensions) while selling products more quickly
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