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8 Things Every Maid of Honor Should Have in Her Purse

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The Maid of Honor is the bridesmaid who the bride has given a higher level of responsibility. It is both an honor and an obligation to be selected as the Maid of Honor. 

To go above and beyond on the wedding day, make sure to pack emergency items in your purse that will wow the bride. Wedding venue amenities are usually available, but it’s best to be safe and pack these items on your own as well.

The Maid of Honor should always keep these eight items in her purse:

A Small Sewing Kit

A small sewing kit is an essential item for any Maid of Honor. A quick fix to a wardrobe malfunction can mean the difference between feeling confident and looking your best on the big day and feeling flustered and stressed out. A sewing kit can also be used to repair any damage to the bridal gown or bridesmaids’ dresses.

Gum or Mints

The Maid of Honor should always have gum or mints in her purse. Having fresh breath is essential for any social situation, even more so when you are the center of attention at a wedding. Discreetly hand a mint to the bride throughout the day. She’ll be talking and greeting so many people that she likely won’t have a chance to find a mint on her own. 

Stain Remover

The Maid of Honor ensures that the bride looks her best on the wedding day. This means that the Maid of Honor needs to be prepared for any potential emergencies. One of the most common emergencies that can occur is a stain on the bride’s dress. A quick fix with some stain remover can save the day and prevent the bride from stressing about strategically covering a small stain all day. 

Phone Charger

The Maid of Honor can help avoid any last-minute emergencies by packing a phone charger in her purse. If the bride’s phone runs out of battery, she will not be able to communicate with the wedding vendors or her guests. Having a charged phone is essential for any bride on her wedding day.

It is one of those items that most people won’t think to pack. But you can also charge the bride’s phone during the reception, so she has enough battery power to make it to the hotel at the end of the night or travel to her honeymoon destination. 

Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish is your best friend when it comes to broken nails, runs in stockings, or unraveling fabrics. A quick fix with some clear nail polish can save the day and prevent the bride from having her nails catch on her dress every few minutes or worrying about the snag in her veil unraveling. It’s the perfect secret solution to have in your purse on the big day! 


From the wedding ceremony to pictures to the reception, the wedding day is overwhelming and lengthy. Often, the bride is so busy she forgets to eat. Snacks are a quick and easy way for the Maid of Honor to help the bride stay fueled up and feeling her best throughout the day. The Maid of Honor should pack healthy snacks packed with energy, such as nuts, fruits, or granola bars.


Deodorant is an essential item for anyone who wants to feel confident and comfortable in social situations, but wearing a long dress and running around all day is bound to take its toll on the bride. By packing an extra deodorant, the Maid of Honor can help to ensure that the bride stays fresh and smells her best all day long. Chances are she’ll thank you for it! 


The Maid of Honor should always have Ibuprofen in her purse for any pain or headaches. You never know who might have a headache on the wedding day, and you can help! Whether for a wedding invitee or the bride herself, having Ibuprofen on hand is a proactive move the Maid of Honor can make to help out. 

Finally, Enjoy the Day!

These are all items that every Maid of Honor should have in her purse on the wedding day to ensure she is always prepared for any emergency that might occur. However, don’t forget that you’re there to support your friend and celebrate! It’s important to be helpful but not at the expense of enjoying the day!

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