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Lerner & Weiss: Revolutionizing Real Estate Law in Los Angeles

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Lerner and Weiss’ Los Angeles real estate lawyers provide their clients with revolutionary representation by staying ahead of local challenges.

Commercial real estate dealings can be difficult to navigate in Los Angeles, with strict regulations and the constant strain of inflation causing many businesses to turn to an esteemed Los Angeles real estate lawyer. 

Founded in 1980, Lerner and Weiss has been providing renowned real estate legal representation for over 40 years, consistently evolving with ever-changing market difficulties to provide their clients with revolutionary results. Partners Leonard Lerner and Michael Weiss represent two of Los Angeles’ most well-respected real estate lawyers, known for their client-centered approach and longstanding success negotiating in and outside of the courtroom.

In addition to providing personalized and highly accessible legal representation, Lerner and Weiss leverage their nearly 70 years of combined experience in local and federal real estate laws to offer innovative solutions to commonly faced real estate challenges.

Here are some relatively new challenges to California real estate and the ways that Lerner and Weiss’ Los Angeles real estate lawyers are addressing these issues.


As California continues to be hit hard by inflation, many landlords are finding it difficult to maintain a profit and risk having to sell their property. Lerner and Weiss helps clients address their concerns with inflation by reworking leases and providing counsel if tenant disputes arise. Lerner and Weiss ensure that clients get the most out of their property and provide experienced real estate litigation if needed.

Corporate Restructuring and Real Estate Purchase and Sale:

While not inherently a real estate issue, corporate restructuring has become increasingly common since the COVID-19 pandemic and often involves the purchase or sale of real estate. With the expertise of Lerner and Weiss’ Los Angeles real estate lawyers extending into business and employer law, the firm can not only assist in the purchase and sale of real estate but can also help with corporate restructuring.

Lerner and Weiss is known for its diligence in the preparation of a variety of real estate and business documents, and recently aided in drafting and negotiating sales documents including stock sale agreements, leases, financing statements, consulting agreements, and SBA documentation for a client selling a multi-location business.

Revised Regulations:

With California constantly revising regulations relating to zoning, land use requirements, environmental laws, and Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, it’s important to refer to a Los Angeles real estate lawyer who is well aware of the local rules and regulations.

Lerner and Weiss remain on top of any changes to real estate law and ensure that a client’s real estate transaction is in compliance with all state and federal regulations and not at risk of potential litigation. 

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With the dynamic nature of California real estate law, it’s crucial to choose a Los Angeles real estate lawyer who stays ahead of change and offers innovative approaches to common challenges. 

At Lerner and Weiss, clients can expect top-rated representation and revolutionary approaches to real estate law. With offices in Woodland Hills and San Diego, Lerner and Weiss offers its services to clients throughout Ventura County, Orange County, San Diego County, and the greater Los Angeles area. 

For a consultation, visit Lerner and Weiss’ website at or call 818-986-0893 for the Los Angeles office and 619-577-4871 for the San Diego office

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