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The Modern and Offbeat Breweries of Louisville

There’s nothing more classic than a good beer and burger from a brewery. It’s an experience that can be found in most American towns, and for good reason. Although that’s not to say that going to a brewery has to be limited to its simple roots. Modern breweries have new beer, new events, new foods, and new experiences. Here are just a few that are found in the authentic and unique city of Louisville.

Monnik Beer Company is a brewery with a calm but classy venue and great location. Its patio and dining room already make it more formal than most breweries. Although that’s not enough in itself to set it apart from the other locations in Louisville. Instead, what really sets it apart is its Belgian-style food and beer. Six savory burgers, pretzels dipped in fondue, and saisons, sours, and tripels all create a stacked menu. It’s not for everyone, but no other brewery is offering the selection found at Monnik.

In contrast to the calm and reserved nature of Monnik is Mile Wide Beer Company. Mile Wide represents the more community oriented and dynamic nature that modern breweries take on. It’s a large venue with an entire Neopolitian pizza spot called Mac’s held within it. On top of this the board games and video games make it hard to find yourself bored when here. While the craft beers here are amazing, it’s the combination of food, location, and beer that make it special.

These last two breweries were quite unique, but few Louisville breweries feel as modern as Butchertown Brewing Company. It’s a newer spot with even newer beers. Most prominently featured are the high gravity brewed beers alongside trendy sours like the Mango-Colado sour. It’s a beer place at heart with a small and isolated venue. This is the type of brewery where patrons really take their time to appreciate every beer. 

Returning to larger and more offbeat breweries, there may be no better example than TEN20 Craft Brewery. The first thing patrons will notice here is the simple scope of the place, with massive wide open areas. The beer garden, giant taproom, and event spaces make it feel like a space that isn’t just meant for beer. It most certainly is though, with award winning IPAs and Lagers. TEN20 even opted recently to start serving pizza, just giving patrons another reason to stick around its spacious venue. 

Finally, a brewery that cannot be neglected is Falls City Brewing Company. It’s the oldest operating brewery in Louisville but still feels incredibly modern. The beer and food are great as they’re what has kept people coming back for years. At the same time the events held here are monumental to their modern success. Christmas karaoke, New Years parties, roller racing, disco, trivia night, it’s all held here. It’s a spot which really moves beyond being just a brewery.

These are just some of the most prominent modern breweries housed in Louisville. They’re all loved for what they do well, and they all do something amazingly. It’s not enough for a brewery to just serve good beer anymore, and these places prove it. Amazing food, amazing events, amazing environment, without one of these modern breweries just don’t stand a chance.

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