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Top 5 Issues Where You Need A Family Lawyer To Help

Top 5 Issues Where You Need A Family Lawyer To Help

Life never goes as smoothly as first planned, whether it be a marriage breakdown, a child custody issue or even your journey to adopt a child. It’s times like these that you may find yourself working through what can be a complex legal system.

If you go it alone, you may find yourself overwhelmed by legal jargon and processes, forced to make ill-informed decisions and not knowing what to do next.

Fighting for what you want through any legal system in the world is not for the faint of heart.  No matter if you are seeking help from a reputable family attorney in the US, or if dealing with international matters, where a family lawyer Brisbane, Hong Kong, London or even Asia or Europe-based are required, a family law professional can provide the support you need so that you don’t have to go it alone.

Here are the top 5 issues that a family law attorney can provide you with the expertise that you need:

1. Divorce

When people separate and begin divorce procedures, a family law attorney is one of the first people that a spouse will contact.

There could be many reasons for the marriage breakdown. A recent Harvard study found that two-thirds of divorces in the US are initiated by women, while 25% of men said they were blindsided by their wife’s desire to divorce.

Emotions may run high and it may be impossible for the couple to settle their difference without seeking legal support. In most cases, a family law attorney will assist to mediate and to rationally work through the situation within the law of the state.

If an amicable arrangement can’t be negotiated, the family law attorney may also be called upon to go to court on behalf of the spouse.

2. Prenuptials

A prenuptial agreement, sometimes called a premarital agreement, is a contract that a couple enters into before they are legally married or undergo a civil union. It determines the legal rights that each of the spouses will acquire once they marry so that on death or divorce, the division of property is clearly understood.

Each couple will have individual content that they will need to discuss with a family law expert so that any agreements are made according to the law.

3. Child Custody

During a divorce, the rights of the parent to see the child are often a battle ground between spouses, where primary custody and joint care are complex matters.

A family law specialist will work within the law to draft an agreement that clearly sets out the custody of the children once the parents separate.

4. Adoption

Making the decision to adopt a child is never done lightly, nor is it an easy legal pathway.

Many US adoptions are made from a stepparent. The second most common type of adoption is foster care related, where the government oversees the care and adoption of the child to a new family.

There are strict laws and protections found through the US that adoptive parents must follow, whether the adoption is domestic or an international one.

A family law attorney will be a key support through the many months, and sometimes years it takes to complete each legal detail of the adoption certification process.

5. Guardianship

Organising guardianship for a family member can be a drawn out legal process if it is not handled by a professional.  The mountain of paperwork that must accompany such a move can be confusing for those outside the family law industry.

There are reasons for the tough legal conditions and paperwork. A person being cared for hands over the power to another to look after their finances and daily care. When placed in the hands of the wrong person,  this can sometimes lead to a carer abusing the situation.

To help avoid issues down the line, a family attorney can put in place a durable power of attorney and health care advance directive that can help determine someone’s future out of the courtroom.

While the top 5 issues that are handed to a family law attorney are most common, experienced specialists are trained in every aspect of family and domestic situations should a legal situation arise.

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