Rogue Magazine News Larry Baer and San Francisco Giants Gets a Welcomed Shoutout from Stephen Curry

Larry Baer and San Francisco Giants Gets a Welcomed Shoutout from Stephen Curry

October baseball is in full swing, easily capturing the hearts of fans from all walks of life. Even sports players, like Golden State Warriors star, Stephen Curry, take a moment away from their busy lives to tune into the games when they can.

Across the entire fanbase, the San Francisco Giants’ historic playoff series has everyone abuzz about what could happen in the coming weeks. As the Giants CEO, Larry Baer always looks forward to the excitement of Giants’ fans and even inspires a little hype by talking up his fellow sports icons, like Warriors Coach Steve Kerr.

So, it just makes sense that Warriors players have tuned into the runup for the World Series and taken an interest in the Giants’ prospects. Although a welcome distraction, Curry and the team have to stay focused on their own games, too, as they move through the preseason.  

Stephen Curry Goes All Out in Supporting the Giants

As evidence of his love for the sport, Curry was spotted at Chase Center with a baseball glove in hand during his post-shootaround media availability on Friday. Although he was waiting to play his preseason game against the Lakers, he managed to work in a little catch with teammate, Klay Thompson.

While throwing the ball around, Curry expressed words of encouragement to the Giants, although he has always been a diehard fan of the Boston Red Sox. Still, he hopes that the Giants can land at the World Series and take home the title.

He didn’t have much time to talk, however, since his own preseason game against the Lakers was coming up the same night as the Giants faced the Dodgers at Oracle Park. Before heading out, he did note that he’ll root for both baseball teams until the World Series, and then let fate decide which one to back at that point.

Curry Shares His Lifelong Love for Baseball

While chatting with the media in the past, Curry revealed that he’s always had a love for baseball. In fact, he briefly played the sport before becoming one of the best shooters in the NBA. He started as a middle-infielder before landing in the right field. By that point, he set his sights on basketball and the rest is history.

Despite that, he does miss baseball a bit, although that’s alleviated a bit as he throws the ball around with his teammates during his downtime. He’s arguably better at basketball, however, which is why he’s pursuing a career in that realm instead. He hopes to use his experience with the Golden State to improve his skills and go pro in the coming years.

Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Talk Sports with Larry Baer

As the Giants worked hard to make it to the playoffs, Warriors Coach Steve Kerr could often be found chatting up SF Giants CEO Larry Baer and manager Gabe Kapler. Through those chats, they’ve developed a tight-knit relationship that influences Kerr on which baseball teams he’s rooting for in the postseason.

Not surprisingly, the Giants won his favor as he roots for the people involved in achieving their dreams in the sports world – and it’s catching on with his team. Curry, Thompson, and the rest of the team often find themselves pouring over the details of the prior competitions while getting ready for their own games in the locker room.

Schedules for Warriors and Giants Line Up Perfectly

Over the next week, the Warriors and Giants will continue to play their games on a similar schedule. They will travel to many of the same areas, keeping all the players in tune with each other’s progress on the court and field.

Depending on how things go for the Giants, they’ll head to Los Angeles for the third and fourth games in the playoff series. The Warriors will also land in Los Angeles around the same time to continue their preseason games.

Despite the proximity, Kerr won’t have the time to make it to any of the Giants’ games, as he’s working hard to get his own team playing at their best. He’ll likely end up chatting again with Larry Baer soon, especially to send congratulations if the World Series bid happens for his team.

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