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Some Thoughts on Setting up a Virtual Office in an Overseas Setting

Since more than a year ago many people have been working from home and that applies as much to those at the top of the organisation chart as it does to those lower down. It also may be a very attractive option for the freelancer.

Since the technology that facilitates running a business remotely opens up a wider choice of places from which to do so, some may be thinking of moving to a more exotic location than they are in at present.

In searching for such a location in Asia one might run into Koh Samui Villas for Sale in Thailand, which certainly offers a wide range of choices, from villas in small residential estates to standalones in peaceful natural settings.

Having found a suitable property, whether in Thailand or elsewhere in Asia. it is extremely unlikely that it will be set up as a virtual office, which actually is more of an opportunity than a problem. This is because it gives its new owner the chance to fit it out in such a way as to suit the specific nature of the business.

Drawing a line between domesticity and work

The first consideration will be that of establishing a sense of separateness between the living area and the work area. An unclear distinction between the two can result in unwanted distractions that can affect productivity. A basement or garage, should there be one, would be a good place in which to set up a virtual office. If neither exists then a construction job may need to be considered, which, depending on your budget and the nature of your business could range from a glorified garden shed to a custom-built outhouse. Power can be run across from the main house and an Internet connection provided either by providing the virtual office with its own router or using the home’s one with a signal booster. 

Off-grid energy

A home-based virtual office is going to be very technology dependent and that means having a reliable power supply to run It. Tropical paradises are often not world leaders when it comes to providing uninterrupted supplies of adequate levels of power. Downtime can result in reduced productivity or lost opportunities and a UPS can only keep your equipment running for a limited duration. The same goes for emergency lighting. It is, therefore, worth considering ways of producing one’s own power. Currently available technology provides a number of options:

  • Power from the sun using photovoltaic solar panels, an inverter and batteries can provide an abundance of electric power and are environmentally friendly.
  • Wind-generated power is an option that, with the development of vaneless wind turbines operates with minimal noise and is not so much of a blot on the landscape as earlier types, and
  • If the property has a source of flowing water on it, such as a stream, a continual supply of power can be generated by a micro hydro-electric turbine.

Risk reduction

Buying a property as a foreigner can be risky as more than a few have discovered to their cost. The UK’s Foreign. The Commonwealth and Development Office has compiled a comprehensive guide for buying property abroad. While some of the advice and information applies only to British subjects, most of it can apply to prospective purchasers whatever their nationality.

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