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How to deal with brain fog days

How to deal with brain fog days

It isn’t always easy to stay on top of everything, and we all have those days where our brain just feels like mud.On day like that, even making a morning coffee can feel like a real trial, and you feel lucky if you don’t end up with salt on your cereal and orange juice in your coffee instead of milk. But all is not lost; luckily there are some things you can do to keep yourself feeling sharp on those days, most of which involve investing in your interests and your physical appearance. 

  1. Keeping your ear to the ground

Just because you’re having a day where nothing seems to be going right doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is, and it’s important to still keep your ear to the ground for news and developments in your sector or in the wider world – for example if you’re interested in the medical and wellness world then you should still start of your morning browsing a website like so you know what the latest news and developments are. This way. Even though you may not feel at your best, you will still feel informed and ready to discuss what’s going on in the wider world and within your sector of interest.

  1. Making sure you look good

Looking good might feel like an indulgence but it’s actually an important aspect of professional life. Going out looking unkempt can make people lose faith in your credentials and even feel concerned about you, so even when you’re having a bad day it’s important to pay attention to your grooming. So whether you need to google a barber near me, head down to the nail salon, or even do something as simple as hop in the shower, make sure that even on days when you might not feel your best you still look it. After all, why risk not being taken seriously over something so small and easy to control?

  1. Do some physical activity

One of the best ways to deal with brain fog is to try and get rid of it altogether – some days this is much easier said than done, but one of the best places to start is with a little bit of physical activity. Whether you enjoy a more unusual hobby like archery and love websites like or whether you’re more of a hit the gym kind of person, do whatever you need to do to get the blood flowing. Surprisingly often, you will find that once that circulation is pumping and the fresh air has worked its magic, that foggy brain has been left behind.

No one likes those brain fog days where you feel like you just can’t get anything right – but looking after yourself and your interests even when you don’t feel like it is a great way to mitigate bad days. Hopefully, we should have given you at least one idea to help you move past your bad day and still achieve your goals and succeed!

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