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Disney Vacation Club Resale Tips for First-Time Buyers

What can be more magical than spending your vacations at a Disney Vacation Club of your choosing?

Yet, you’ll want to consider Disney vacation club resales quite thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. When you’re new to the world of DVC resales, you’ll want to make sure you’ve done your research about the best options and contracts for you. Thankfully, you’re in the right place to do so.

Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the key DVC resale tips you need.

Disney Vacation Club Resales 101: Picking the Right Contract

A wide variety of DVC Membership tiers are available.

The more you know about the specifics of a contract, the better equipped you’ll be to choose one that works for your needs and your wallet. It’s possible to negotiate different terms for DVC membership based on the following factors:

  • Point size
  • Home resort
  • Point availability
  • Use Year

Prices may also be affected by these variables. Having a longer booking window at your home resort (11 months) than at other DVC Resorts (seven months) is one of the perks of buying into a certain property.

The annual point size is the total number of years before the deed expires. Check the DVC point chart or talk to someone at the DVC Resale Market to get an idea of how many points you need.

DVC yearly dues are calculated on a per-point basis and vary according to the resort you choose and the number of points you buy there. The term “point availability” describes the number of unused points remaining on the agreement (i.e., points banked, current, and borrowed).

The “Use Year” merely refers to the calendar year in which you will be issued Disney Vacation Points. The months of February, March, April, June, August, September, October, and December make up 8 distinct Use Years.

Now, you’re ready to learn how to buy DVC on resale the right way.

Start With Researching DVC Resale Listings

Point packages are a little-known perk of purchasing Disney Vacation Club resale. And there are others with accumulated points.

What are “banked points”? Picture a bonus of free time off.

In order to save points for a later year, Disney Vacation Club members may “bank” them. When a DVC property is put up for selling, however, the price is based on the usual yearly allocation and any accumulated points are delivered to the buyer at no extra charge.

You may only bank points once, and you must utilize them in the calendar year for which they were originally allocated. When you buy a regular points package, you effectively get a one-time bonus of points.

The sale of point packages, which include banked points, may become heated because of the incredible value they provide to buyers.

If you’re worried about finding a good deal, you can always rely on this list of Disney vacation club resales to deliver.

Proceed Cautiously When Dealing with the First Right of Refusal

Under its Right of First Refusal policy, Disney has the ability to buy any DVC resale package. This implies that even after someone creates a contract and they agreed on a sales price, Disney may decide to take over the transaction. If this occurs, the potential buyer will have to start looking for another point package.

When asked what factors they used when deciding whether or not to acquire a DVC resale package, Disney remains tight-lipped. While other considerations are important, you can’t ignore the cost per point. Disney is more likely to buy a contract at a somewhat higher price if the sales price is below the average market value.

Do your homework on the going rate for DVC listings and bid appropriately. Even if the seller accepts your modest offer, Disney might still step in and buy the property.

However, if Disney exercises its Right of First Refusal, you will have to go elsewhere to market your property and will be pushed back by at least 30 days. If you want to prevent this type of holdup, you should make more competitive bids and talk them over with a certified broker beforehand.

Find a Happy Medium Between Point Cost and the Rest

To make a deal-closing offer, you need to use your diplomatic skills. Don’t forget about your “Right of First Refusal.” You probably have a rough concept of how much you’re willing to spend on each point.

There are, of course, other expenses to think about. Opening expenses rank first.

In a resale of a DVC, the acquiring buyer is normally responsible for paying the escrow fees. If the seller is really anxious to sell, this might be switched around.

After then, you should think about the yearly fees. These are always open to discussion and compromise. If the buyer’s vacation points for the year have already been used up, the seller will usually cover the cost of the yearly fees.

Financial constraints may influence a seller to shoulder this expense even if the points have not yet been used.

Plan Your Purchases 8-12 Months in Advance

Time management is crucial among DVC reselling strategies.

When searching for the optimal point package and engaging in sales negotiations, time is always on your side. You may avoid having to settle for a less-than-ideal point package in order to book a holiday if you do your shopping well in advance. The burden of working around Disney’s Right of First Refusal is also reduced.

Life events are often the impetus for Disney Vacation Club members to liquidate their points. This might indicate that the seller is keen to close the deal swiftly. On the other hand, it might indicate that the seller is trying to balance a number of important commitments at once.

Having a long timeline to work with guarantees adaptability and improves the odds of trouble-free selling.

It is important to keep in mind that the selling of DVC points normally takes 60 days. You may have to wait up to three extra weeks for Disney to finish processing your application before they let you plan a trip. 

Navigating the DVC Resale Market

If you’re new to the world of Disney vacation club resales, things can look quite chaotic at first. But, we hope that our guide has shed some light on how to buy the right contract for your needs without too much back and forth.

Now, you’re ready to learn more about how to plan the best vacation for you and your family. Just head straight to our travel and lifestyle section for all the tips and tricks that you could possibly need. 

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