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5 Valentine’s Day Essentials for Everyone

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or with friends in a Galentine’s way, there are some essentials you’ll want to have nailed down to make sure it’s a February 14th you’ll always remember After all, the holiday is about showing the friends or lovers in our lives how much they mean to us. If you’re just starting your Valentine’s Day planning, keep reading for all the essentials to make this a Valentine’s for the books.

Ditch Your Devices

Whether you’re a couple working on fixing a lack of intimacy in your relationship or you’ll be partying with your friends, ditch your devices on Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t that long ago that none of us had pocket computers we were glued to, and there’s something to be acknowledged about how while smartphones can make us feel more connected, they also keep us disconnected. Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans this year, put your phone down and enjoy the love you share.

Special Gift

Whether you’re popping the question this Valentine’s Day and the gift is an engagement ring or a simple, single rose, having a special gift for your significant other is essential. This day is about showing your partner how much the love you two share means to you, and gifts are expected, even if you’re a minimalist. You can go with a cliche box of chocolates, a sensual massage, or something as indulgent as diamond earrings, but a gift is a must. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with friends at a single or Galentine’s party, a small token of appreciation for your support system is still a great idea.

Coconut Perfume

This one is for lovers, but not only are Coconut perfumes in style right now, but coconut is also one of the most sensual scents out there. You may not realize how many popular perfumes have coconut notes in them and only associate the scent with ones that showcase the well-known fragrance. Coconut perfumes are not only an aphrodisiac (perfect for Valentine’s Day), but they instantly take you away to another world and make you feel like the two of you are on a secluded beach. If you’re dead set on wearing your signature perfume or cologne, try using a coconut body wash or lotion to at least have the coconut’s sensual scent as an undertone in your Valentine’s grooming routine.


It’s worth mentioning that consent is always essential, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not. If you’re in a long-term relationship, this is likely less of an issue, but if your Valentine’s plans are a first date, a party where you’ll be meeting new people, or an event at a club, consent is key. While it’s best not to imbibe so much you don’t keep your wits about you, it’s equally important not to engage with someone that’s had a little too much. There is nothing romantic or sweet about the lack of consent, and Valentine’s Day is about sweetness.

Game Plans

Playing games, whether they’re board games or couples games, is essential to building bonds in friendships and romantic relationships. Whether you’re doing a date night or headed to a party, couples or group games that utilize conversation and question cards are the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day plans. There are countless options for games that connect you and your loved ones, so do a quick search online and pick one that resonates with you. Your partner or friends will be excited to engage in the game with you and get to know you better as you will them.

Other essentials for Valentine’s Day will depend on your plans; you might need a cake, you may need some faux fur throw blankets, and you may even need some festive red or pink lingerie – it’s so dependent on what you’re doing on that day. But, the above items will add important elements to any get-together, no matter who it’s with or its theme. Keep them in mind as you make your Valentine’s plans this year. Enjoy the day, and remember, the Beatles had it right; all you really need is love.

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