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12 Ways to Fix a Lack of Intimacy in a Relationship

Whether you and your partner have reached the 7-year-itch or not, it’s normal for all types of couples to run into intimacy problems. When that happens, don’t let it grow into something bigger than it needs to be. There are so many ways to fix a lack of intimacy; it’s all about trying different approaches and seeing what works.

Every couple is different, and that’s why there are a variety of methods to improve intimacy.  If one doesn’t work, try the other!

Ready to know how to be more intimate? Keep reading to learn all of our strategies! 

1. Communication Is Key

We know, we know – this is a cliché. However, it’s one for a reason. The first step to any good relationship is communication.

Sure, it might be easier to keep things bottled up to avoid conflict. Still, you’ll find that sitting down together and discussing where you’re at in regards to physical and emotional intimacy will create a lot of breakthroughs.  After all, it’s unlikely you can read each other’s minds, and making the space to be vulnerable is a huge step in the right direction. 

2. Consider a Therapist

The stigma of seeing a therapist is gone. You don’t even need to leave your home if you’re seeking someone to talk to. If the intimacy issues between you and your partner are too large to work out on your own, it’s time to consider a therapist.

Having a third party can address the problems you may be having. It’s easy to get caught up in a vicious cycle of your feelings but having an objective opinion is sure to help remedy a lot of your problems.

3. Spice Up the Bedroom

Intimacy isn’t only limited by emotion; it’s vital to keep physical intimacy alive and well. If things are dull in the bedroom, it can take a toll on not only your well-being but on your relationship. The best solution for that is to spice things up.

This can mean different things for different couples (that’s when communication comes in!) Maybe consider using more sex toys. There are so many options on the market, and you’re sure to find something that works for you. For example, you can get a vibrator or buy a whizzinator if you’re more adventurous. 

4. Be Supportive and Encouraging 

People love to hear words of affirmation and support. Don’t let intimacy die by being too comfortable to encourage each other. The honeymoon days might be gone, but there’s no reason to lose that love language. 

Lifting each other up can heal a lot of wounds and improve intimacy quickly. 

5. Do Things Apart 

There’s a misconception that couples need to be joined at the hip at every moment to prove that they’re in love. Here’s the thing, that’s not the case. The opposite is true!

It’s lovely to do things together, and you definitely should, but it’s just as important to have time to yourself. You’re still individuals with your own interests and nourishing that will help create a stronger bond with one another. 

6. Put Away Electronics

Ah, the impressive feat that is technology. As impressive as it is, it might also be responsible for your lack of intimacy. 

With all the mesmerizing things to look at on your phone, it can be easy to get wrapped up in your virtual life and ignore your reality. Practice putting electronics away so you can spend legitimate quality time together instead of watching a movie while scrolling on your phone. 

7. Break Your Routine

Some people love to have their routine, and that’s great, but it can also kill excitement in a relationship. While this may not always be the case, creating variety in your life will spark a flame that might not have been there otherwise. 

What does it entail to break your routine? Try out a new restaurant, explore a part of town you haven’t been to, add something new to your routine that will upend the monotony of day to day life. 

8. Take a Vacation Together

Maybe you’re thinking, “we spend too much time apart already. That’s the problem!” In that case, perhaps you need to spend time together in a new way! Taking a vacation together can be that way. 

Being in a new place is sure to bring some passion back to your relationship. Just be sure to limit it to a certain amount of time. Long vacations can be stressful and might add more tension than you want. 

9. Find Relaxing Activities

Speaking of tension, your relationship needs less of it. The best way to do this is to incorporate relaxing activities that can help you both regulate your mood. This will make sure that you’re less likely to lash out at one another because you’re too stressed.

10. Improve Yourself

It’s easy to lose focus on your appearance and goals when you’re in love. Totally understandable. After all, this person loves you for you!  

However, there might come a time when intimacy becomes a problem because of personal confidence issues. Doing something good for yourself and improving your confidence will not only make you a better person but a better lover too!

11. Lower Your Expectations

Sometimes intimacy issues come from having high expectations of each other. You’re bound to be let down if you hold your partner to impossible standards. Try to let go of some of those expectations and mix in some communication- that’s sure to help.

12. Be Open-Minded

Stubbornness can be one of the biggest causes of lack of intimacy. If you’re both unwilling to try new things, explore each other’s hobbies, and fan the flames of excitement – it can lead to boredom. Have an open mind to new experiences you can share, and you’ll be able to improve intimacy. 

Fixing a Lack of Intimacy 

Being in a relationship is exciting and one of the biggest joys in this world. It also takes a lot of work. There might be moments that there’s a lack of intimacy.

When that’s the case, don’t despair! Follow these different tips, and you’ll be back to your honeymoon phase, both emotionally and physically, in no time.

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