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The Myths About Alcohol You Need To Get Over

The whole world has some form of relationship with alcohol, whether that be good or bad. For those who don’t drink, they’ll have a completely different outlook on those that do. And for those that drink casually, they’ll have a completely different take on it than those who drink heavily and have a problem.

The fact of the matter is that it is harmful though, and millions of people around the world each year end up in alcohol rehab to try and recover from a substance that can be a real killer. In fact, it contributes to a higher percentage of deaths worldwide than you may have ever realised.

So why is it that there are so many myths that fly around about alcohol when it is quite a serious and harmful substance? Here are a few of those myths that really do need busting…

You should admire those who can hold their liquor

For some reason we have this wild admiration for those that can drink large amounts of alcohol without “getting drunk”. It’s crazy. It’s hugely harmful to them and the fact of the matter is that tolerance comes from chronic usage of the substance, so you’re effectively cheerleading a person with alcoholism. That’s not cool.

It can be used as a food supplement

Yes, beer has calories in it, but it can’t replace the importance of food in the body. Eating isn’t cheating and you need food to get the nutrients your body needs. Alcohol has no nutritional value and you’ll certainly feel a lot more worse for wear skipping a meal for alcohol.

Alcoholics drink every day

It may be that you think you’re not an alcoholic because you don’t drink every day. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While many alcoholics will drink every day, people with a drink problem could only drink at weekends or once or twice a week.

Ultimately, it’s not down to the volume someone drinks, but more their relationship with that and whether their drinking can be controlled. If not, then there’s certainly a problem.

Black coffee or a cold shower will sober you up

People use all sorts of tactics to try and sober up, but actually the only way to truly sober up is with time. The body needs time to remove the toxins from the system and there is no known way of speeding up that process and removing alcohol from the system.

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