Rogue Magazine Lifestyle Exciting hobbies to get the kids active

Exciting hobbies to get the kids active

Exciting hobbies to get the kids active

Have you ever struggled to get your kids invested in a hobby? We think most parents have been there. When you’ve already tried to get them interested by any number of crafts, sports, musical instruments, or books, it can seem like you’re just never going to get them to commit to or enjoy anything.

However, there’s no reason to give up hope! Sometimes, it’s difficult to get a kid interested in a hobby because it’s just not that exciting – it’s easy to try and push them to do the same activities as all their friends are doing. You’ve tried to get them to do tennis, football, ballet, painting, and any number of common activities. But why not let them try something more unusual? They will enjoy the novelty, it will keep them active, and additionally what kid doesn’t love having ‘the coolest hobby’ to tell all their friends about?

With this in mind, we’ve made this list of three exciting, active hobbies that your kid might just love.

  1. Trampolining

Most people have only ever trampolined on the old rusty thing in their grandparents backyard that, having endless fun teaching themselves to do forward flips and double bouncing each other halfway to the sun. But trampolining can also be a long term hobby which is great for fitness, a great way to make friends and can even lead to competition if your child is so inclined!

  1. Rollerskating

Although seen as a little bit of a vintage passtime, strapping into your roller skates and zooming around a roller rink or along your local streets is still a fantastic way to spend the time. It teaches balance, resilience, anc commitment as well as making the time fly by – plus, investing in a pair of funky roller skates can look amazing.

  1. Ice skating

Yes, that’s right, another type of skating – ice hockey might also be a consideration if you live in the right area! Ice skating is a very exciting hobby which is not only loads of fun (what kid doesn’t love going to ice skating birthday and Christmas parties?) but can also teach a lot of other benefits like co-ordination, situational awareness, and even rhythm skills if they learn ice dancing.

We hope these three ideas help you get your kid out and about and enjoying a new hobby they can brag to all their friends about!

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