Rogue Magazine Lifestyle 4 Creative Gift Ideas for Sentimental Christmas Presents

4 Creative Gift Ideas for Sentimental Christmas Presents

4 Creative Gift Ideas for Sentimental Christmas Presents

Christmas is fast approaching, which means it’s that time of year to start thinking about gifts. Anyone can buy something for somebody, but if you’re looking for a sentimental gift this year, consider one of the following gifts for that special person in your life.

1- Gift Basket or Jar

Making a gift basket or jar is a great way to create a personalized, sentimental gift for anyone on your Christmas list. Baskets or mason jars can be purchased cheaply this time of year and can be filled with whatever the person of your choice enjoys.

Some ideas for gift baskets include hot chocolate mixes, bath products, an assortment of different candies or nuts, or little toys for children. All these can be purchased cheaply at the dollar store.

If you’re using a mason jar, consider making your loved one their favorite cake or brownie mix using only dry ingredients. Hot glue a bow or ribbon to the top of the jar, and the result is a beautifully layered gift that looks professionally made.

2- Homemade Ornaments

Another great sentimental gift is homemade ornaments. There are lots of different ways you can personalize this, such as having your child paint wooden ornaments or allowing your kids to make their own ornaments out of felt, string, pipe cleaners, or whatever other materials you have lying around.

If you’re looking for something a bit more sentimental, purchase a clear bulb and some ribbon. Use the ribbon to measure how tall your child is, then stuff it in the bulb. Attach a note to the ornament. You can write anything, but a cute poem to include is, “This ribbon is very special indeed because if you untie it, it’s the exact size as me!”

Be sure to date the ornaments so the receiver can look back on the memories in the years to come.

3- Watches

Watches may seem old school, but they actually make a great sentimental gift. They come in a wide variety, so you’ll be able to find one that suits everyone’s personal style. You could even get a pocket watch if you’re looking for something a bit more modern.

Another idea is to give a watch that’s already in your family. Lots of parents and grandparents kept their watches from years ago and now just have them gathering dust. You can take these watches to a watch technician to have them repaired. These watches make a great Christmas gift because they can be passed on to future generations.

4- Digital Picture Frame

These picture frames were a big hit when they first came out, but they still make a great sentimental gift for family or friends. If you’ve never had a digital picture frame before, it stores pictures on it, then displays and scrolls through the images you put on it. This means that you can put dozens of photos of yourself, your family, or even your pets.

Certain digital picture frames are also set up now so you can email new pictures directly to the frame and it’ll display them, making for a very meaningful gift.

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