Rogue Magazine Lifestyle 8 Self-Care Gift Ideas Perfect for Anyone on Your Gift List

8 Self-Care Gift Ideas Perfect for Anyone on Your Gift List

8 Self-Care Gift Ideas Perfect for Anyone on Your Gift List

Everyone could use a little self-care during the holidays, which is why including self-care gifts in your holiday gift-giving is essential. Self-care is about putting our own needs first for a bit and focusing on things like meditation, reading, mindfulness, spa treatments, and anything else that makes us happy. Contrary to what most people think, self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or take up a lot of time. You can make your loved ones feel special with simple gestures such as buying them a subscription to their favorite magazine or gifting them some essential oils they can use to relax after work or school. Every year we get asked what good gifts for the self-care lover are. The truth is there really aren’t any correct answers when it comes to this question because every individual has different tastes and interests. But we can give you some ideas that will hopefully help you discover something new! Read on to discover our top eight recommendations for self-care gifts this holiday season.

1. Aromatherapy Set

Aromatherapy is a great way to calm one’s nerves allowing you to unwind after a long day. With a set of essential oils, you can create a customized scent. You can also research the best scents for each emotion, such as orange for happiness, peppermint for clarity and focus, lavender for a sense of calm, and more. This is perfect for a loved one who is going through a hard time or just needs some self-love and relaxation. While this might not be creative, it’s super useful, thoughtful, and something any self-care lover would gladly accept. You can also choose to pair your aromatherapy set with a few other items to create a more customized gift set.

2. Bath Bomb and Scrub Set

A bath bomb and scrub gift set is another simple and thoughtful option. It’s great for anyone, but it’s especially perfect for people who love baths. For your gift set, you can include a few bath bombs, a face scrub (ideal for anyone with dry or sensitive skin), and a bath pillow or caddy if you have room in your budget.

3. Cozy Blanket and Reading Light

If the person you’re shopping for loves to read, consider gifting them a cozy blanket and a reading light. This is perfect for anyone who works from home or likes to curl up on their couch with a good book. You can find cozy blankets at most stores and online retailers. You can buy a clip-on light or a floor lamp for the reading light. You can also gift the person you’re shopping for a subscription to their favorite book or magazine.

4. Foam Therapy Massager

This gift is perfect for anyone who suffers from muscle aches and pains. Foam therapy massage tools are sprays that you can apply to aching muscles. They come in several scents and are a great, affordable option for self-care lovers with muscle pain. This is great for anyone with muscle pain, but it might not be the best for those without pain. For people without aches and pains, consider gifting them an essential oil diffuser to create a spa-like atmosphere in their home. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who likes to meditate or just wants to set an uplifting and calming scent in their home.

5. A Candle

What is your friend’s favorite smell? Are there certain scents that make her feel calm and relaxed? Candles are a soothing gift that can be enjoyed year-round. They can be used in the bedroom, living room, office at work, or any other room in the house. If you’re unsure what scents they like, go for a simple scented candle or something more decorative.

6. A Stay-Cozy Sweater

A cozy sweater is a perfect choice for your friend who loves comfort. If they enjoy staying home and watching TV on the couch, this gift is the way to go. A cozy sweater is always practical, especially during the winter, when we spend most of our time inside. It’s a gift your friend will appreciate every season and use often. You can also add a sweet note. If they are someone who loves running or doing sports outdoors, then a warm, comfortable sweater will be perfect. Warm sweaters are a winter essential that every person should own. They’re perfect for cold weather and are easy to wear with any outfit. Fortunately, they are available in many colors and styles. You can choose a classic, neutral color or a bold, bright one.

7. Yoga Mat and Exercise Video

If the person you’re shopping for enjoys a workout, consider gifting them a yoga mat and an exercise video. Yoga mats are a necessity for yoga and other floor-based exercises. On the other hand, workout videos are great for beginners who are just beginning an exercise routine. For more advanced exercisers, consider gifting them a weighted exercise ball. Training with a weighted ball is a great way to work out your muscles, especially your core. You can also get the person a gift card to their favorite gym or yoga studio.

8. A Couple’s Massage

Does your best friend love to get massages? Then a couples massage is an excellent gift for them and their partner. A massage is a perfect way to relax, de-stress, and unwind after a long week. While you can always give a massage as a gift, a couple’s massage is a unique gift that shows love and care. You can go to a massage service and book a couple’s massage for your friend and partner. It’s something they’ll appreciate and remember forever.

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