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Top Tips for Camping in 2021

If you have recently discovered camping and hope to join the millions of people around the world that love the freedom, independence and adventure of sleeping under the stars and if you happen to live in sunny Australia, we have huge expanses of natural wilderness that make for the perfect camping environment. Of course, the best way to learn about camping is to go ahead and do it and with that in mind, here are a few tips from the professionals to help make your camping expeditions more comfortable and interesting.

  • Mosquito Repeller – The best all-round solution to mozzies comes in the form of natural and chemical-free mosquito repeller from MozziGear, a leading Australian supplier of natural solutions to protect yourself against disease-carrying mosquitoes. This handy little ultra-sonic device can be worn on the body or simply placed nearby to offer complete protection by delivering a high-pitched sound between 5-20KHz, which the insects definitely do not like.
  • Solar Energy – We are lucky to live in these exciting times with new tech coming out, such as the solar camping blanket that you roll out onto your vehicle roof in the morning and it collects the sun’s heat and stores it as electricity in the small lithium-iron battery that comes with the blanket. As with most things, solar panels have dropped in price over the past few years and with this set up, you can camp for long periods and have all the power you need.
  • Camp Near a Water Source – Of course, we all need access to drinkable water and if you choose a campsite that is not far from a stream or river, you will not have to go very far for your water. You could search online for maps of the area and information about local water sources and don’t automatically assume that the water is fit to drink, as it may not be! Water purification tablets are always good to take on a camping trip, which will ensure that you don’t get sick from contaminated water. If your kids love camping, here are a few tips on how to make children more environmentally aware, which is a recommended read for all parents.
  • Be Prepared – Anything can happen when on a camping expedition and the better prepared you are, the less chance there is of something happening to cut short your trip. Keep a few flashlight batteries somewhere safe and make sure that you are prepared for rain and keep your eye on the weather forecast. Sometimes we simply have to adapt and make the best of what we have and creating a shortlist of essentials is always a good idea. There may still be Covid-19 social distancing measures in place and a quick check online will tell you what you need to know.

If you are looking to acquire camping equipment, the online supplier has the best deals and you might be surprised at just how many tech gadgets you can buy to make your camping trip more comfortable. The online camping equipment supplier would be on average 15-20% cheaper than a traditional retail outlet and they have all the best brands.

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