Rogue Magazine Lifestyle A Mother’s Guide to Unwinding After a Busy Day with Kids

A Mother’s Guide to Unwinding After a Busy Day with Kids

A Mother's Guide to Unwinding After a Busy Day with Kids

Being a mother is a journey that brings joy, heartwarming moments, and a constant flow of responsibilities. From changing diapers and snack times to picking up kids from school and reading bedtime stories, being a mom is always busy. As the day comes to an end and you finally have some time for yourself it’s crucial to unwind. Recharge your energy to stay sane. Lighting a candle is one effective way to achieve this.

1. Claim Your Space

Find a spot in your house where you can relax undisturbed. It might be a corner in the living room, a spot in the bedroom, or even a warm bath in the bathroom. This area serves as your sanctuary, where you can disconnect from the world and concentrate on yourself.

2. Dim the Lights

As the sun sets in the evening, create a transition by lowering the intensity of the lights in your selected area. This subtle change in the surroundings serves as a cue to your mind that it’s time to shift from engagement to a state of relaxation and contentment.

3. Set the Scene

Now, let’s introduce the candle. Choose one with a fragrance that speaks to you – lavender for serenity, vanilla for a comforting feeling, or eucalyptus for a refreshing touch. Put it on a surface all set to be kindled.

4. Mindful Beginnings

Sit contentedly and inhale in and out deeply while focusing on your breath. Close your eyes. Inhale the fragrance letting go of any concerns from the day as they slowly fade away.

5. Disconnect from Digital

Take this opportunity to disconnect from screens and technology. Set aside your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices. This is your space dedicated to self-care.

6. Comfort is Key

Create an atmosphere by surrounding yourself with pillows, cushions, or a warm blanket. Embrace the soothing comfort of the moment. Release any stress or tightness in your body.

7. Reflect and Release

Take a moment to ponder the events of the day. Take joy in the triumphs. Recognize the obstacles you encountered. Express gratitude for the instances that brought a smile to your face.

8. Indulge Your Senses

Go ahead, light the candle. As you watch the flame flicker, take a moment to focus your attention on it. Observe the interplay of light and shadow dancing around. Take a breath, allowing the fragrance to envelop you like a hug.

9. Engage Your Passions

Take part in activities that bring you happiness and help you unwind. You could try reading some pages of a book, jotting down your thoughts in a journal, doing some stretches, or enjoying a soothing cup of herbal tea.

10. Time for Gratitude

Take a pause. Appreciate the tranquility of your relaxation routine. Reflect on the things that happened throughout your day and feel grateful for the chance to unwind and rejuvenate.

11. Embrace the Moment

Take a moment to wholeheartedly immerse yourself in the present. Release any thoughts concerning tomorrow’s tasks or yesterday’s concerns. Your ability to revitalize lies within the here and now.

As a mother, this ritual of unwinding is like a strand that represents self-love. It is woven with intention and illuminated by the spark of a well-deserved tranquility.

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