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Getting Your Home Clean (ish!) In Under 30 Minutes

Keeping your home consistently (but not perfectly) clean most of the time, isn’t necessarily hard, but it does require some daily dedication. 

Spaces like the kitchen and bathroom can quickly become overrun with dirt and germs if not cleaned at regular intervals, and while it only takes a few minutes of your time, many are reluctant to do it. If this sounds likes you, why not hire a cleaning service and have them come in and get high traffic areas clean so that you don’t have to worry about it?

However, if you think you can find a few minutes in your daily schedule to do a spot of cleaning, and are motivated and dedicated enough to do it every day, here are some tips:

Speed clean high traffic areas when time is of the essence

Sometimes there’s barely enough time to catch your breath, let alone clean, but with speed cleaning, you’d be surprised at what you can achieve in a short space of time. This means quickly wiping down surfaces, cleaning up any spillages and putting things back where they belong. 

Oftentimes, this can be achieved in well under thirty minutes, making it ideal for those days when you’re either not in the mood, or have so little time spare to do it. 

Know when to speed clean and when to deeper clean

For those who enjoy cleaning or who are a little obsessive over it, it may be difficult to restrict your cleaning to just 30 minutes, but when you’re pushed for time, this is the only way to get your home relatively clean with the time you have available. 

If your home needs a deeper clean, assign that to a day when you have more time, or allocate it to a cleaning service that you hire on a fortnightly or monthly basis. 

Here are some cleaning tasks that you can easily get done in less than 30 minutes:

  • Declutter – remember that you don’t have to declutter every space in your home, but instead, focus on busier rooms and spaces that an unexpected visitor might spend time in. 
  • Dishwasher – load, run and unload your dishwasher according to your schedule. If it’s finished and needs emptying, be sure to do that at the end of the day, or if it needs to be set running, do that and unload it later when you have more time. Ultimately, you shouldn’t leave dirty dishes lying around in the sink or on countertops. 
  • Sanitize surfaces – take a cloth and your favorite sanitizer and clean all grubby, high-touch surfaces.
  • Clean the toilet bowl – a dirty toilet bowl takes minutes to clean, but can make a bathroom look, smell and feel dirty. If you’re really pushed for time, be sure to at least put some bleach into the bowl.
  • Vacuum – a quick whizz round with the vacuum can work wonders for your floors, and the overall cleanliness of your home, and if you have time to mop wooden or tiled floors, so much the better, if you don’t, vacuuming will do. 
  • Make the bed – always make sure every bed in your home is made (unless its occupied, naturally!), and that dirty laundry is in the hamper or being washed. 

Light a scented candle, squirt some room spray about the place, and give yourself a pat on the back! 

For days when time isn’t on your side, try the cleaning tips above to keep your home consistently clean. For those who never have the time or inclination to clean, simply find a friendly cleaning company nearby, and hire them to do it for you. 

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