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Summer Big Bike Riding in the UK: All you Need to Know

While our summers in the UK are far from predictable, this is the time of year when many adults take the cover off their big bike and get ready for a season of riding. Riding for pleasure is one of the most popular ways to spend leisure time for many UK couples, which is reflected in the high number of bikes on the roads today, especially in the summer months.

The Right Bike

Once you first get into bikes, you are, of course, restricted as to what you can ride, and whether progressively or directly, once you have the A licence, you can ride any machine you like. The unrestricted A licence is a must if you want to ride a ‘big bike’ which is regarded as anything from 400cc and up, with the mid-range of 600cc being very popular, as this gives you the power and the comfort, with less weight than a 1,000cc and up bike. Typically, a tourer is set up for road riding, but there is an off-road class with motocross style bikes with knobbly tyres, if you prefer a bike that can handle terrain, but whatever style you choose, Wheels Motorcycles is the place to go, where you can view their impressive range of Africa twins and other premium ranges, so there will be a bike that suits you.

Riding Lessons

While the test for your licence is very comprehensive, you are advised to take a few riding lessons, which will give you the basic skills needed to safely control the bike, and with progressive riding experience, you can improve your skillsets. What to when you are involved in an accident? More information here.


Why not combine your love of two wheels with camping? This brings affordable holidays for those long weekends, and there are campsites all over the UK, especially in the coastal regions. You will need to invest in top boxes, panniers or saddlebags, to give you the storage space you need, and even with pillion riding, you can still take your camping gear.

Riding Gear

Aside from a set of leathers, a top-rated full-face helmet, you will need riding gloves and boots that support your ankles, then there is wet weather gear – lightweight, plastic and easy to store – for those afternoon showers. Find the nearest bridge and you can deploy your rain wear, which will keep you dry. A hi-vis vest is recommended, as this makes you more visible to other road users, and they come in bright yellow or orange.

Watch your Speed

Riding a big bike means lots of power at your disposal, and it is oh so easy to open the throttle at the wrong place and that results in a speeding offence, with points on your licence. Speed limits are put in place for everyone’s safety, and the faster you are travelling, the less time you have to react if something happens in front of you. Click here for big bike categories and UK licence requirements.

Big bike riding in the summer is a great experience, and hopefully, we will see the end of the pandemic and next year, we can return to some sort of normality.

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