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Signs That You Are In An Unhealthy Marriage And It Is Time To Get Out

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Unhealthy marriages do not usually start that way but develop over time. Bad habits like allowing problems to fester without communication can lead to massive problems. Resentment over time is a symptom of a couple that simply brushes all of their issues to the side. New Bern child custody lawyers might be the first call you should make especially when you have children. Divorce is not as close to as complicated when it is between a couple without children. The following are signs that you are in an unhealthy marriage and it is time to get out.

Constant Fighting

There should not be constant arguments in the home over small things. Couples are going to have issues with various things that their spouses do over the course of a day. Communication will lead to fights at times but make sure that these are respectful and stick to the issue at hand. Bottled-up issues that come up during fights only add fuel to the fire and could lead to someone saying something that they cannot take back. If all you feel is stress when you are with your spouse, this is a sign that it is time to get out of your unhealthy relationship. 

Abuse of Any Kind 

Abuse can be difficult to notice especially when it comes to the emotional variety. This is far more difficult to notice for others on the outside than that of physical abuse. Watch out for those spouses that do not seem to like anyone that you spend time with. Isolation is a form of abuse as an abuser might try to keep you from seeing or talking to family/friends that do not approve of them. This could be due to a control issue as it seems like some treat their spouse as a possession after they are married for a period of time. Documenting these forms of abuse is important as this can easily sway a judge when it comes time for final judgment. With smartphones being widely available, getting reliable footage shouldn’t be too difficult. 


Cheating is a telltale sign that a marriage is over as a person is looking for intimacy outside of the relationship. There are some couples that can overcome cheating but some people view this as the ultimate betrayal and it is not forgivable. Cheating has changed forms with technology as a married person could easily have a dating profile that is difficult to track down. Emotional cheating does happen if a person is secretly confiding in someone that could be viewed in a romantic fashion. Cheating can also break agreements that are signed during the prenuptial phase. 

Getting out of an unhealthy relationship is more difficult when you are married. There are more hoops to jump through and when children are involved, they must be the top priority. Seek counseling before immediately filing for divorce if you feel like the marriage can still turn itself around.

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