Rogue Magazine Lifestyle 6 Tips for Planning an Amazing Backyard BBQ Party for Friends

6 Tips for Planning an Amazing Backyard BBQ Party for Friends

6 Tips for Planning an Amazing Backyard BBQ Party for Friends

Summer has arrived, and there’s no better way to celebrate the season than with an awesome backyard BBQ to enjoy with all your friends. Whether it’s just you and a few buddies hanging out or a block party with the whole gang, you’ll want your BBQ to be one to remember. Here are six of the most popular tips for planning an awesome BBQ right in your own backyard:

1. Have a Variety of Food

The star of any cookout is the food, and the more the better! Fire up the grill and throw on all the crowd favorites: hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and ribs. Add some variety with seafood, corn on the cob, kebobs, and even grilled watermelon and pineapple! Don’t forget the side dishes and desserts. No matter how much fun your guests have, the food is what they’ll remember the most – so make it stand out!

2. Play Some Enjoyable Music

When it comes to outdoor get-togethers, good food and good music go hand-in-hand. Set up your system and get the tunes pumpin’ from the time the first guest shows up until the last one leaves. Or if you have some friends coming who play in a band, ask if they would like to provide the music. Chances are they’ll just want to hang out and have a good time, and that’s perfectly fine. Just put on some streaming music to keep the party jumping.

3. Plan Some Party Games

Games are fun at any age, and when they’re combined with good food and good friends, they’re even more enjoyable. Set up the fan favorites: horseshoes and cornhole, but surprise your guests with Giant Jenga or set up a Slip ‘N Slide (hey, grownups love them too!). Got a pool? Set up some water games like pool volleyball and invite everyone to take a dip and play!

4. Create a Chill Atmosphere

Choose a theme for your BBQ and then build the party around it. Serve themed drinks, string lights, and hang decorations on trees. Or just toss oversized pillows on the outdoor furniture and let everyone settle in their own relaxing spot.

5. Surprise Them with Cigars

When everyone has eaten to their heart’s content and they’re ready to kick back and just enjoy the company, offer up a good cigar. Your guests will feel extra special and quite decadent as they kick back and indulge in a smoke. You’ll always be known as the host with that little something extra when you treat your friends to such a pleasant surprise.

6. Eat, Drink…and Drink!

Whether it’s the gang’s favorite ice-cold beer, summer-themed mixed drinks, or iced tea or soda, make sure you have plenty of beverages on hand and on ice to keep everyone happy and hydrated. Bottled water is a must, and most folks wouldn’t say no to a tall, refreshing glass of lemonade.

You’ll be the grill master and star of your neighborhood when you follow these tips to make your backyard BBQ outstanding!

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