Rogue Magazine Lifestyle 8 Photography Tricks for Capturing Shots of the Wedding Dress

8 Photography Tricks for Capturing Shots of the Wedding Dress

8 Photography Tricks for Capturing Shots of the Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of a bride’s big day. It is often one of the first things that people see, and it can make or break the bride’s overall look. If you are a photographer who wants to capture shots of the wedding dress, here are eight tricks that will help you get the perfect photo.

1) Find Symmetry

Most wedding dresses are symmetrical, with the center being the focal point. That means that most of your shots should have symmetry to create a strong photo. To achieve this, you want to make sure that you are shooting at eye level or above to get both sides of the dress into one image.

2) Use a Nice Hanger

Your photo will look much better if your dress is displayed nicely on a hanger. If the dress has intricate details, you need to ensure that wrinkles or stains do not cover them up. This only takes about 10 minutes, but it can change your photos for the better.

3) Move the Dress Outside from the Cluttered Room

Many brides keep their wedding dress in a closet where it accumulates all kinds of other things. It’s best to take photos of the dress outside so you can see all its intricate details. Also, if there are small wrinkles or stains, you will see them better outside.

4) Mind Your Backgrounds

To avoid a cluttered or distracting background, find a simple neutral-colored wall and lean the dress against it. If you want to show more of the dress, pull back a bit and take your photo from an angle.

5) Try Unique Lighting

You also want to experiment with your lighting. Try using a spotlight, a lamp, or anything else you think may work well. You can even switch to black and white if you want a more dramatic photo. Also, try using a backdrop to create a more professional photo.

If you want to take close-up photos of the dress, use a macro or closeup lens. These lenses will let you get as close as possible without any visual distortion. If you just want standard shots, then choose your normal lens.

6) Find Reflections

If you have a reflective surface, try reflecting the dress to create an interesting photo. A mirror, a puddle of water, or even shiny buildings are great options. Also, you can try reflecting the dress in someone’s glasses or eyes.

7) Use Natural Props

Use any natural objects that will bring out the beauty of your photo without distracting from it. Try using flowers, vines, or even just a nice backdrop for your bride to hold onto. If you don’t want the bride holding onto anything, have her lean against a wall or even sit on the ground.

8) Use Different Angles

Remember that you don’t always need to shoot things head-on for them to look good. Try tilting your camera or getting low to the ground. You can also take your photos at an angle by resting the dress on something horizontal like a table.

In conclusion, these tips should help you get better photos of the wedding dress. Remember that you don’t always need to get close-up shots, so don’t feel too obligated to zoom in. Try adding other elements into your photos, like reflections or props, to get even more creative.

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