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3 Ways To Save Extra Money For Your Wedding

3 Ways To Save Extra Money For Your Wedding

If you’re currently planning a wedding or helping someone else to do so, you know exactly just how much stress this can cause. One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is definitely the costs involved. From dresses and suits to flowers, food, favors, and finding the perfect venue – the expenses involved with having a wedding can really add up rather quickly.

Of course, unless you’re wealthy, you may have to make some sacrifices and save up some extra money in order to have the wedding for your dreams. But don’t worry! This may just require a few small adjustments to the way you’re currently living or a little extra time. Here are 3 ways to save up extra money for your wedding.

Sell Your Rental Property

If you own a rental property that you’re making extra passive income from, consider if you might be able to increase that income in some way. For example, if you were to sell that property you might be left with a lump sum that might be just what you need in order to pay for all of the costs of your wedding. You can also raise the rent or put off doing renovations in order to help save, as well as other options that you should be willing to explore.

Start Reselling

Re-Selling has become a popular way of making extra income, and with good reason! You can re-sell all kinds of different things and the best way to do so is online. Ebay and other popular sites have made some people so much extra money that they’ve made re-selling their full time jobs! If you’re new at this and coming to it without any experience, you may have to do some research and learn what has value and what doesn’t. This way you’ll be able to save time and make some extra income which you can then save.

Practice Self-Control

It may not seem like the little expenses add up, but in reality, they do.  Each time you make a seemingly “innocent” purchase remember that it adds up over the month.  Create a strict budget and stick to it religiously. You’ll thank yourself for it when you have plenty of money saved for your wedding!

Get An Extra Job

If you or your future spouse has time, it may be a smart idea for one (or both) of you to get an extra job. You could bartend or work in a retail shop on weekends or find something that you can do from home for a few hours each evening. No matter what type of extra job you are able to find, remind yourself that it’s just temporary and the income you earn from it will allow you to have a much nicer wedding than you would have otherwise been able to have.

Although the high costs of weddings these days can cause a lot of stress, some parts of the planning aspect can also be quite fun. Rest assured that no matter your budget, you’ll find a way to afford it and your wedding day will be the best day of your life!

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