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A Guide to Off-Road Motorcycle Riding in the United Kingdom

For many British men and women, bike riding is in their blood and while the majority stick to riding on the roads, there is a growing number of off-road bikers who love to explore the great British countryside. It must be noted at this point that you cannot simply ride your off-road motorcycle on any land, as there are laws against this, rather you need either permission from the landowner, or take the bike to a special venue where they have a series of bike trails.

Off-Road Biking Venues

The Internet is the place to start your quest for the best off-road trails, and there are special venues for quads and off-road bikes and they even have bikes for hire, should you not be the owner of an off-road bike. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art endurance off-road motorcycle, check out the stunning specs for the Honda CRF250L, the latest addition to Honda’s off-road series, which is very powerful and lightweight.

Bike Trailer

The perfect solution is to buy a motorcycle trailer and hitch it up to the family car, enabling you to ride wherever you please and the motorcycle dealer would likely offer trailers, along with the many add-ons and accessories. Of course, you could ride a street-legal off-road bike to any venue, negating the need for a trailer, but most riders prefer to drive to the venue in some comfort, then they simply unload the bike and away you go.

Protective Gear

Riding a motorcycle of any kind demands wearing suitable clothing and equipment; a top-rated crash helmet, insulation gloves, a leather jacket for added protection and either leather or denim pants with good quality boots that offer ankle support. You need to protect yourself against a fall, while also wearing clothing to keep out the cold, so you will need to invest in protective clothing and equipment.

Bike Insurance

While you don’t need to have your off-road bike insured when riding in on private land, you are advised to take out special insurance to cover the cost of any hospital treatment you might require after falling off your bike. The land owner may not have any insurance for accidents that occur on their property, and prior to riding on private land, you should enquire about insurance. Click here for a list of vehicle insurance types.

Riding on Public Highways

If you wish to ride on the UK roads, your bike will need to have road tax, insurance and if older than 3 years, a valid MOT Certificate. The bike must have lights and indicators and be road legal in every respect. Click here for UK driving licence requirements.

Gaining Valuable Riding Experience

While you can learn safe riding techniques, experience is the best teacher and the more you ride off-road, the more competent you will become. You should always have respect for the power at your fingertips and gradually, you can extend your skill and gain a better understanding of the bike’s capabilities.

Off-road bike riding offers a lot of enjoyment and with the right protective gear and respect for the bike, you should enjoy many years of off-road riding.

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