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Types of Vehicle Insurance: What you Need to Know

We all need car insurance, of course, yet there are several types, each with a different list of items that are covered and if you are taking out vehicle insurance for the very first time, here is a brief outline of the common types of car insurance.

  • Class 1 Insurance – This is a fully comprehensive package that covers damage to your car and third-party vehicles, plus it also covers theft and fire damage. In short, the policy would cover you for any damage caused to your car, including vandalism. Of course, this is the most expensive cover and if you are buying a new car, you are advised to take out Class 1 insurance, as it will cover you for all kinds of damage, accidental or otherwise.
  • Class 2 Insurance – The best deal is with Rabbit Finance 2nd class car insurance, as this gives most of the cover of class 1, but at a cheaper price. You get discounts if you have not claimed in the past 12 months, plus you can actually name drivers that will be included in the cover, which helps to keep the premium down. This is becoming the most popular type of cover, as you are protected in many ways and the premiums are lower than first class insurance.
  • Third-Party Fire & Theft – The cheapest form of car insurance, 3rd party only covers damage to third party vehicles, plus fire and theft. This insurance is the bare minimum that is allowed by law, which is very basic cover and unless your car is very old, you are advised to take either class 1 or 2 insurance. Many online insurance brokers will allow you to spread the payments over a few months, which can really help.
  • Recovery & Roadside Assistance – These are optional extras that you can include with either class 1 or class 2 insurance and most insurers offer such packages. If you travel a lot for work or you have a motorhome, this type of insurance is recommended and should the problem be such that it cannot be fixed roadside, the provider would have your vehicle towed to your chosen destination. Click here for some useful tips on garage organisation, which might prove very useful.
  • Classic Car Insurance – This is for valuable collector’s cars and the insurer would take each application on its own merits. The vehicle would be covered for fire and theft, or any damage caused when transporting the vehicle and you can specify other situations.
  • Motorcycle Insurance – Any make or model of motorcycle can be insured, along with all the options you would find with car insurance and with a Google search, you can ask for several quotes from various insurers and select the one that works best for you.

Even if you already have vehicle insurance, you can still switch to a different policy and with no-claims bonus and named drivers, you can save even more money. Search online for car insurance brokers and see what they have on offer and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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