Rogue Magazine News 9 Ways To Make Your Seasonal Work Opportunities Stand Out To Overseas Candidates

9 Ways To Make Your Seasonal Work Opportunities Stand Out To Overseas Candidates

Seasonal workers are critical for many businesses, and it is vital to attract the best candidates. Treat your seasonal candidates the same way you would your permanent workers and offer an attractive set of benefits and a positive working environment to ensure that their experience is positive. 

Advertise On The Right Websites

Research recruitment sites for seasonal workers. Focus on the countries with workers most likely to take up seasonal work. Monitor each website and the applications you get, using the most popular sites in future years. 

Get Testimonials And Reviews From Past Employees

Ask employees to leave reviews about their time with your business. Display reviews on the recruitment page of your website. Ask past employees to fill out a review on aggregators like Glassdoor. 

Upgrade The Employee Accommodation

Offer clean, functional, quality accommodation. Learn about the legal requirements and go above and beyond. Consider what you would expect from accommodation and meet those requirements. Allow employees to personalize their space and make it a pleasant retreat after the working day is finished. 

Offer An Attractive Salary

Research the going rate for seasonal workers and offer an attractive salary to entice candidates. Consider paying more than the average and consider the cost an investment for your business’s future. 

Use The Right Visa Program

Choose a visa program that makes hiring overseas seasonal workers easier. Consider the H-2A visa program that allows the employer to handle the arrangements for the visa. Find a reputable law firm like Farmer Law PC to help you navigate the process. 

Invite Past Workers Back

Ask good employees to return during the next busy period. Ask for recommendations and referrals from trusted employees. Offer an incentive to get referrals and return employees. 

Give Employees Time Off To Explore

Entice employees that want to travel to the US by offering them plenty of free time to explore while in your employment. Hire enough employees to get the work done while giving everyone free time. 

Ask For Feedback

Ask for feedback from your employees after the end of their contracts. Use anonymized surveys to get genuine and honest feedback. Listen to the feedback given and implement it where possible. Have an open and honest dialogue with your employees and give them chances to express their opinions and recommendations. 

Train Your Seasonal Employees

Offer comprehensive training and ensure employees understand what is required of them. Focus on health and safety to improve responsibility and awareness. Offer training that gives employees transferable skills and recognized qualifications. 

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