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Best New Year Resolutions for 2021

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, people seem to think that once that clock strikes midnight and the new year begins that they will be able to control everything and that life won’t throw them any more curveballs. 

Sadly, this isn’t the case and with all your good intentions to crack on with a new year’s resolution, you never know what might happen and one week into the new year you could get struck down with a cold or flu, have to deal with your car breaking down or having bad days at work which can thwart your efforts. 

Or as 2020 has shown us, three months into the year, a global pandemic could shut down your local gym and force you to spend more time at home than ever before. Regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, research shows that 41.6% of resolutions fail after just one month, so if you’ve been unsuccessful before, then don’t worry because you’re not alone. 

To make your new year’s resolutions last, they need to be more of a lifestyle change and something that you see that way. So for example, if you break it in January, you don’t give up altogether, but you pick yourself up and carry on just as you would do with anything in life. 

There’s no point in waiting until the next year to start again. The key to your success is coming back from those days where you fell off stronger than ever. If you know you’d like to make a change to your life in 2021 but you’re not sure what to do, then here are some great New Year’s resolutions that can be beneficial to your life, not just for one year. 

1. Lose Weight

There are so many benefits to losing weight, it’s hard to know where to begin. Most people could do with losing a few pounds and not only will it make you look and feel better but it could save your life. Being overweight means that you have a higher risk of having high blood pressure, getting heart disease, having a stroke and suffering from type 2 diabetes. 

Just make sure that you take losing weight slow and steady and see it as a lifestyle change. If you miss a gym session or eat a doughnut in January, it’s not the end of the world. Just pick yourself up and get right back on track.

2. Simplify

Minimalism and decluttering have helped people in many ways. It can help reduce stress and anxiety because a cluttered house usually means a cluttered mind; it can help you sleep better because having a tidy and clutter-free room helps you to wind down and settle easier, and it can boost productivity and creativity because you can concentrate better when you have a clear space. 

However, to declutter your home doesn’t mean that you have to throw everything away, it simply means that you need to be a little more organized. If you don’t have space in your home then use a local storage unit to store your things that you don’t use all the time. This will keep them safe and secure and give you plenty of space to do the things you want to do. 

3. Stop Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for their health and in 2021 there’s no excuse. The benefits you will feel when you give up smoking are endless. From your health improving to saving money, stopping smoking is one of the best New Year’s resolutions you can choose. And remember, it’s a lifestyle change, so if you do mess up, don’t give up. 

4. Travel

Travelling more is a great New Year’s resolution, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic has put a stop to a lot of travel for 2021. To start with, try travelling in your own country and discovering all the amazing places on your doorstep. 

You’ll find plenty of hidden gems and learn so much you never knew. Then when the pandemic is over you can start to travel internationally again. 

5. Find A Relationship

It can be difficult to find a relationship, but 2021 could be your year. If you haven’t delved into the world of online dating yet, then resolve to give it a try this year, you never know what might happen. 

A new year can be a fresh start and a blank page. You get to decide what you want to achieve with it, so start by making a new year’s resolution and reap the benefits for a fantastic 2021. 

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