Rogue Magazine Lifestyle 7 Pivotal Steps to Making a Summertime Wedding a Success

7 Pivotal Steps to Making a Summertime Wedding a Success

7 Pivotal Steps to Making a Summertime Wedding a Success

Summertime weddings can be wonderful, with warmer weather and the anticipation of a summer honeymoon hopefully in store. But as with any big event, there are always a few small details that you might have overlooked that make all the difference for your guests and yourself along the way. So to help you out, we’re going to give you seven tips on making your summertime wedding day perfect!

1. Create a Summery Bridal Bouquet

One of the easiest ways to make a summertime wedding a success is to create a summer bridal bouquet. It’s important to choose flowers that are known for summertime blooms and do well in heat and humidity. Even if your wedding and reception are inside, heat and humidity could affect your wedding bouquet so it’s best to choose flowers that are known for summertime success.

2. Think about the Type of Wedding Dress

If your wedding is during the summertime, you need to spend some time making sure your dress matches the season and your wedding venue. For example, a beach wedding won’t need a long train or a dress with a large number of layers.

3. Plan on Open-Toe Wedding Shoes

If you’re going to be walking around all day in your wedding dress, it’s a good idea to wear shoes that allow you to walk and dance without worrying, even if there are cat-walks involved with your venue.

4. Have a Hydration Station

During a typical wedding, you’ve got to keep your guests hydrated. But when it’s hot outside, you’ll have to do more. Keep a few drinks of water going around, and maybe have a frozen water station for people who don’t like their water lukewarm.

5. Provide a Shaded Area

It’s a good idea to add shade tents to your outdoor wedding if it’s not going to be too cold out. It will help guests cool down, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!

6. Think About Food and Beverage Storage

If you’re going to be serving beer and wine at your wedding, it’s best to keep the drinks iced or, better yet, frozen. It’ll keep everyone cool and provide a fun alternative that might make your guests more inclined to drink! Having a refrigerated portable storage container provides the best cool storage for your drinks and foods to ensure they remain cool and fresh for a long.

7. Add Signs

You can make your guests feel like they are in a different world by adding colorful and festive signs and banners to the area you have your wedding. These can help amp up the summery feel and turn what might have been just an ordinary space into a magical place for your guests!

There you have it! The seven surefire steps to making a perfect summertime wedding! If you decide against having a summer wedding, you can always try to develop your ideas on how to make it perfect for you and your guests. The more care you put into your wedding and honeymoon, the more it will mean to you both!

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