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Why Assisted Living Communities are Becoming So Popular

There are thousands of assisted living communities all over the US. Many are like giant senior communities, designed like luxury hotel complexes, with all the facilities a person could want or need. If you are thinking about making the move into a senior living community, here are some of the reasons why it could be the best choice you ever make.

Life is More Fun

Seniors today can expect to live a lot longer than seniors from 30 years ago. The average life expectancy in the US is 77 years, which means a lot of spare time after retirement. For seniors living alone, or keen to make the most of life, an assisted living community is a great choice.

Belmont Village, an assisted living Los Angeles community is a great example of what you can expect if you make the move. The types of facilities you can expect to enjoy include:

  • Fitness suites
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Hair salon
  • Cinema rooms
  • Chef prepared food
  • Arts and crafts
  • Organized activities

If you want to make the most of your twilight years, an assisted living community is the place to be.

Help When You Need It

While we’d all like to be in perfect health until the day we die, realistically speaking, we usually do need a bit of extra help as the years pass. Assisted living communities encourage independent living, but you get extra peace of mind knowing staff are on hand to help if needed.

You can live in your own apartment with everything you need on hand while enjoying housekeeping services, 24/7 medical assistance, and more. Modern assisted living communities tailor their services to suit the individual, so people who need more help can have it, and those who prefer to be fully independent can do that too.

A Great Community Vibe

Many older people report feeling lonely in their later years. Family may live many hundreds of miles away and there is less of a community spirit in today’s modern neighborhoods. If your spouse has passed on and you can’t get out much, it is very easy to fall into a pattern whereby you don’t see another living soul from one week to the next.

Senior living communities create a sense of community, where everyone is a similar age and there are lots of activities designed to help residents make new friends. You don’t need to worry about being lonely when you move into an assisted living complex.

Perfect for Seniors Looking to Downsize

It doesn’t always make sense to hang on to a large family home. Moving into a senior living complex will let you downsize and reduce your cost of living. With property taxes and the cost of living rising each year, it makes sense to downsize and move into assisted living. You won’t need to worry about property maintenance and shoveling snow in the winter; someone will always be on hand to do these things, at no extra cost to you.

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