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18 Restaurant Design Tips To Set Your Business Apart

Customer experience is an essential factor that drives the overall performance of any business. It is more prominent in the food and hospitality sectors, where customer behavior and the industry have a cyclical relationship. The way you design your restaurant impacts customer satisfaction. The interior and exterior design is a subtle but essential aspect of your branding that you should take seriously. You can leverage innovation to attract new customers, retain old ones, and make your restaurant successful. This article describes a selection of design tips you can apply to your restaurant to a low-budget small restaurant design or high-end design and stand out.

Consider Your Branding

Branding determines critical choices in your business. You should consider the type of services that you offer before designing your restaurant. For example, a cafe should have a different design from a restaurant serving expensive dinners or one that hosts politicians. The why determines the how. What does your restaurant offer? Once you decide on your target service, you can find a fitting theme, colors, and interior decoration that fits. Identify your branding and use designs that complement, enhance, and protect your brand.

Choose Your Theme And Colors

Colors influence how people perceive your brand and restaurant. Bright colors are generally warm, but you should not overdo them. Other less warm colors may be helpful in private booths and the restroom, but the interior should give off warmth and brilliance.

Choose Comfortable Furniture

People will always choose comfort over style, but you should combine both. Go for stylish but comfortable furniture that your customers appreciate. You can achieve a low-budget small restaurant design without breaking the bank, thanks to guides from businesses like Yelp.

Partition The Restaurant

You should partition your restaurant where possible. Some customers prefer private booths where they can’t be seen or see others. You can also use partitions to create added value where users pay more than others. You can use glass, plastic or wooden partitions, or well-designed curtains.

Extend Your Design Outside

Never neglect your restaurant’s exterior. New customers will be attracted by the exterior design, lighting, and branding. Ensure to place your brand logo prominently, use brightly colored lights, and put up the day’s menu where everyone can see it. The design should flow from the exterior to the interior.

Choose The Right Flooring

Building your restaurant from scratch gives you greater control over the type of flooring you use. You can install a different flooring if you rent a building after getting the necessary permissions. Choose flooring that enhances the interior design and complements the general theme. If there’s a dancing area, ensure the flooring is comfortable.

Use Potted Plants For The Exterior

A little greenery never hurts; you can design the exterior with potted plants. Keep a few plants outside but ensure they don’t obstruct passage. There are different potting styles that you can choose.

Use Lighting To Enhance Design

You should carefully consider using bright lights vs. dull lights. You can go for the general bright light that allows customers to see the entire room, but use boring lights for tables. You could also place switches where it is easy for customers to reach them so they can adjust their table lighting.

Design The Seating Arrangement

Customers are big on seating arrangements. Ensure that your customers don’t have others peering down their eyes due to the seating style. There are several ways to arrange your restaurant seats. Choose one that gives your customers privacy but not isolation.

Place Your Brand Logo Prominently

Placing your logo prominently creates subconscious brand awareness in your customers’ minds. Place your logo on the wall, behind menus or watermarks, in the restroom, and on fliers. You should do this carefully to maximize the effect.

Use Complementary Tableware

You should use complete sets of tableware that complement the colors. For example, silver-colored cutlery fits brightly-colored interiors. Where possible, allow your customers to choose the dinnerware they want. Ensure that glasses, cutlery, and other tableware are complementary and do not look disorganized.

Don’t Neglect The Restroom

The restroom is essential to your restaurant; you should extend the design there. Make it an ideal place for customers to relieve themselves with ease. Use fresh scents, bright colors, and simple furniture. Most importantly, you should ensure that the restroom is always immaculately clean.

Install HVAC

Install cooling and heating systems to keep the temperature regulated. An HVAC system does the job perfectly. Ventilation is also essential to remove strong scents and keep the air clean. Keep a secondary power source for rooms with only HVAC.

Prioritize Overall Comfort

Whatever you do, ensure that your customers are comfortable at every point. All systems, design, installations, artwork, tableware, and furniture should collectively create a relaxed atmosphere for your customers. You should remove or tweak any element of your restaurant that causes even the slightest discomfort.

Dazzle The Senses

The sole aim of interior design is to dazzle your customers and tingle their senses, giving them an overall brilliant experience. Whatever design you choose should be aimed at improving this. You should insist on smells, sounds, and design that keeps your customers smiling.

Use Props

Potted plants, artwork, and other props can significantly improve interior design. Invest in quality props that complement the interior design. Place them strategically where customers can see them but never distract their attention. Remember to change them as they age; nothing speaks of neglect more than aged or dusty artworks.

Install A Bar

No matter what your restaurant offers, installing a bar is a great idea. Many customers prefer restaurants with bars because they offer more options. You can install the bar so it doesn’t face the central area as that provides more privacy. You can separate the drinking and dining areas to keep things organized.

Guarantee Free Movement

No customer wants to stumble or collide with others when they move. Remove all obstacles such as walls, tables, carts, etc., that obstruct free movement within your restaurant. You should also install facilities that help disabled people to move quickly.

These are some tips to keep in mind when looking for ways to help set your restaurant apart from competitors.

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