Rogue Magazine Lifestyle 3 Ideas on How to Store Cremated Ashes in Your House

3 Ideas on How to Store Cremated Ashes in Your House

3 Ideas on How to Store Cremated Ashes in Your House

When someone chooses cremation instead of burial for their funeral plans, they’ll also have to choose what to do with the ashes, or cremains, after the procedure is complete. Some opt for having their ashes scattered at sea or planted under a nice tree or flowering bush. Others opt to have the ashes interred in a columbarium at a cemetery or funeral home. However, some families choose to keep the ashes in their own homes instead. If you do that, you have a few options for creating a little memorial to your loved one that will blend nicely with your home’s decor.

1- The Classic Urn or Box

You could always go with the classic urn or box. Modern cremain urns are sleek and well-designed, and they come in every conceivable shape. You can get vaselike urns or elegant wooden boxes to store the cremains. The advantage to using a storage method like this is that these urns and boxes are very easy to find and are generally affordable; the hardest part will be choosing a design you prefer out of many interesting options. These urns can be ornate or compact, so no matter how crowded or small your shelves and counters are, you can find something that fits. Do be aware that these urns can quickly “disappear” among other decorations you have in the same area, so choose your storage spot carefully.

2- A Candle-Holder Urn

One specific type of urn you might consider is a special candleholder made for memorial candles. The cremains are placed in the body of the holder, and on special anniversaries, you can light a candle in the holder to remember the deceased. This is a lovely way to commemorate the deceased’s birthday or other special anniversaries. The two things you need to remember about urns of this type are, first, to let others in the household know that this isn’t a candleholder they can use for generic candle lighting, and second, to secure the candleholder when it’s got a lit candle in it if you live in a region prone to quakes.

3- Glass Art

A third option for storing cremated ashes in your home is to have the ashes incorporated into glass art. There are sculptors and glass artists who will add the cremains to melted glass to create a swirl within a particular design, such as a heart. You may have a choice of colors here, too, meaning you can get the glass art made in the deceased’s favorite colors. The swirl of cremains often looks like stardust in a galaxy, and these are really amazing to see. If you decide on this option, look for a display spot that’s away from direct sunlight. Like other glass and crystal, there’s a risk that the material will magnify the heat from the sunlight and cause damage. Other than that, though, glass art is a beautiful option that you may want to check out. It’s not that expensive, either.

What you eventually choose for storing cremains depends on your personal preferences. You may even decide to get a couple of options and split the cremains among family members. If you’re not sure which option could work for you, speak with a representative from your local crematorium.

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