Rogue Magazine News 5 Successful Ways to Find Drivers to Haul Trucking Loads

5 Successful Ways to Find Drivers to Haul Trucking Loads

5 Successful Ways to Find Drivers to Haul Trucking Loads

Finding skilled, reliable drivers for your company is essential for meeting your extensive needs, but it is often easier said than done. The first step in the hiring process is getting your company in front of drivers searching for jobs. How can you market your job openings and find truckers to haul your loads?

1- Use Load Boards

One of the best ways to connect with truck drivers for short-distance and long-distance routes is to use load boards. Truckers are familiar with these boards and often search them to find job opportunities. Because of this, you can immediately get your driver openings in front of people who are ready to work immediately or soon.

2- Add Signs to Your Trucks

Another idea is to add a sign to all of your company’s trucks. A “Now Hiring” sign on trucks will drive a steady stream of candidates to your website to learn more about your company and the openings. Keep in mind that your trucks may make frequent stops at gas stations and rest steps, which is where other drivers will be. Some drivers may also see the signs while sitting at traffic lights or driving down the road. While adding signs to your trucks may not be the fastest way to fill immediate needs, they can help your business regularly stay in front of truck drivers.

3- Update Your Website

If your trucking company is well-known in the industry, updating your website with current job listings is a smart idea. This is because truck drivers who are familiar with your company may hop on your website directly to find job openings as part of their search. This option works well when you add signs to your trucks because the signs will drive additional traffic directly to your company’s website.

4- Use Job Listing Websites

In addition to using industry-specific and company-specific avenues to find truck drivers for your openings, general job listing websites should be considered. The major job listing websites are heavily used by truck drivers as part of their job searches. While drivers may initially look at load boards and specific companies that they are familiar with, a job listing website may be the next option they consider. This option works well for both contract and full-time positions.

5- Word of Mouth

Truck drivers actively communicate with other truck drivers, so they can be used for word-of-mouth advertising. You can incentivize your drivers to spread the word about the current openings through a cash referral bonus. Remember to announce the incentive program regularly so that it stays at the front of your drivers’ minds. If your drivers are satisfied with their positions, they may hype up your company and encourage drivers who are unhappy with their current arrangement to change employers.

While it can be challenging to find truckers to meet all of your needs, you can see that there are numerous opportunities available to connect with drivers. If you have not been using all of these methods, now is a great time to expand your search.

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