Rogue Magazine News Why you Should Migrate your Business Data to the Cloud

Why you Should Migrate your Business Data to the Cloud

Whatever your chosen sector, migrating your business data to the cloud is a very wise move, indeed, the majority of businesses are already connected to the cloud via a secure network. Rather than storing your business data on your computer hard drives, it can be stored on remote servers and you can access your data from any location using any device.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can derive if you migrate all of your business data to the cloud.

  • Easy Access – When you switch to the cloud, you, or any authorised employee, can access all of your data, regardless of your location. If you approach a managed IT services provider, they can create your secure network and walk you through the migration process, which empowers you and all of your employees.
  • Essential Business Communication – Using cloud contact services, you can significantly reduce your communication costs by using VoIP applications such as Zoom or Skype, rather than using the traditional telephone. You can arrange video conferences using your cloud network and talk to your customers in real time, while your network is protected from cyber-attack by the managed IT service provider. You can have a video call with one of your sales team using your secure cloud network, not only that, all data related to your sales enablement process can be updated in real time, which keeps everyone on the same page, click here for more info on these platforms: Every employee can use the secure cloud network for all their communication needs and you can keep track on who is calling who from your dashboard, where all calls are recorded.
  • Boost Productivity – Your office staff no longer need to go to the filing cabinet every time they need a document, as they can simply access the data from the cloud on their workstation screen. When your accountant needs to prepare your tax returns, they can access the data from their own office, which saves time and therefore, money. Office staff no longer need to leave the workstation to get the documents they need and this makes for a more productive organisation. Click here for an informative article of why business maintenance is essential for the long-term, which is a recommended read.
  • Streamline your Business Processes – Using the cloud really does streamline your business processes, indeed, most business owners wonder how they managed before the cloud emerged. You can eliminate double handling and using specific business software, you can automate a lot of your business practices.
  • Cyber-Security – Once you have migrated to the cloud, your network is protected by the managed IT service provider, so you can rest assured that all your business data is 100% protected at all times. Any attempt to penetrate your network can be identified and traced by the cyber-security experts, ensuring security for critical customer data.

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If you would like to learn more about cloud solutions and how they can help your business, a Google search will put you in touch with a leading Australian cloud services company and they would be happy to show you how the cloud can assist your company.

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