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Network Security Changes

Cybersecurity has been vital to the success of the internet since its conception. Servers, programs, and networks at large simply can’t function when they are constantly under attack. For years this has been a problem under control, attacks reduced to less serious threats. But today as the internet continues to explode in scope attacks become more and more serious.

In the first half of 2022 alone, 236.1 million digital ransomware attacks were conducted. This is an increased rate from 2021 which was already 1.5 times more common than 2020. Security is failing today because there is less time to detect the attackers. Before attacks required a long intrusion before the physical attacks. Today, intrusions tend to only last 15 days, a timeframe that most legacy software can’t detect within.

Attacks are also more effective because they’re occurring more and more commonly in encrypted networks. This was the most effective line of defense for a long time but today it’s just another simple hurdle. At the same time, this is where a lot of security innovations are occurring. Detecting hidden intrusions on encrypted networks and treating them as vulnerable is essential today. 
Digital networks today are more complex and fast paced than ever. This requires security solutions that work much more efficiently than in the past. Old age security is faltering, but modern security innovations are catching up in record time. Learn how network detection and response is here for the modern era below:

What is Network Detection & Response?
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