Rogue Magazine News The Benefits of Microlearning in a Professional Environment

The Benefits of Microlearning in a Professional Environment

Microlearning is the future of workplace training. In fact, nearly 95% of learning and development professionals say that their learners prefer microlearning to traditional training methods. Many employees today get little to no training, and on average, are given just 24 minutes per week for learning. Even when there is training made available, many employees are left unsatisfied, underqualified, and underprepared.

The current traditional training models for employees have been found to be ineffective. They are a waste of time, money, resources, and effort in comparison to the benefits of microlearning. Microlearning operates through a series of activities, notifications, and “nudges” of bite-sized learning modules that are offered to employees throughout the day. They are quick and personal and can easily fit into a busy schedule while still remaining beneficial to the learner. The results are very significant in terms of how they benefit both the employee and the company. 

Microlearning has been found to be nearly 20% more effective than traditional training. It is accessible, relevant, modern, and it caters to the needs of each individual employee. Personalized training at a speed and quantity that is manageable for the average worker is the key to the current and future success of microlearning.

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
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