Rogue Magazine News The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Cloud Operations

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Cloud Operations

Cloud operations are both the present and the future of digital storage. In fact, nearly 95% of enterprises currently use the cloud in some capacity. Most businesses rely on cloud tools more than any other resource, using the technology to store sensitive data and handle heavy workloads, often on multiple cloud systems. 

According to recent research by Nasuni, there is over an exabyte of data currency stored in the cloud. Clearly, the cloud is here to stay, with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud leading the pack. However, despite this growth, nearly 80% of organizations report widening visibility gaps in their cloud infrastructure, as well as a lack of visibility across cloud operations. Nearly half of all companies have seen performance issues from poor cloud visibility. These limitations in visibility lead to limited functionality, leading to greater security risks, a lack of support for remote workers, tech stack inflation, and much more. 
Companies continue to report the serious blindspots in cloud technology as it, despite the pitfalls, continues to rise in popularity. 80% of organizations today are looking to increase their investments in cloud monitoring. Once businesses learn to harness the capabilities of this new tech phenomena, the possibilities are endless. The cloud has the capability to become an extension of the company, as well as a networking tool when used correctly and to its fullest potential.

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