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What Services Does a Yacht Broker Offer?

If you thought a yacht broker facilitates the buying and selling of boats, you would be partially correct, as this is one aspect of the industry, yet there are other sides to a yacht broker, which we will examine in this article.

  • Buying & Selling Yachts – The broker is the person to go to when looking to buy or sell a yacht or catamaran and they facilitate viewings, provide data on the boat and also arrange test voyages. The broker would receive a commission from the seller and would handle all the legalities and insurances. There are luxury yachts for sale in Hong Kong from Simpson Marine, one of the leading yacht brokers who offer a second to none service and have an excellent reputation.
  • Yacht Care & Maintenance – While you might be able to park your car in the garage and forget about it, this is certainly not the case with a luxury yacht, which requires a mooring facility that is designed to accommodate such vessels. There is a lot of maintenance that needs to be carried out on a yacht when it is not at sea and this can only be done at a suitable port. On the topic of maintenance, here are a few tips to help maintain your business.
  • Yacht Repairs – In the event something goes wrong with your yacht, which can easily happen in rough seas, prompt attention is advised and heading for the nearest port would be a priority. Minor issues can wait until the vessel is moored and the yacht broker can quickly arrange for the vessel to be brought into a nearby port where effective repairs can be undertaken.
  • Crew – The yacht broker would have access to professional crews and skippers and if a client would like their yacht sailed to Phuket where they can board, the broker arranges for a crew to prepare the boat and be at the mooring on time.
  • Insurances – Of course, every yacht must have suitable insurance and the yacht broker has an excellent working relationship with all the marine insurers and can obtain the best cover at the lowest prices. Just because you can afford to run your own yacht, that doesn’t mean you have money to burn and by budgeting, you can save quite a bit.
  • Charter Service – A leading yacht charter company would have many luxury vessels on their books; owners prefer to charter out their private yachts when they are not in use and the broker handles every aspect of the charter. If you are interested in chartering a luxury yacht for a month in the stunning Andaman Sea, search with Google for a leading yacht broker and take a look at the vessels they have. If you prefer to have the boat fully crewed, the broker has a resident crew that are ready at any time; just how many people depends on the size of the yacht.

As you can see, the yacht broker is an integral component in yacht ownership and management and whether, buying, selling or chartering, the yacht broker has you covered.

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