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Planning an Alternative Funeral

Funerals are meant to celebrate a person’s life and need to reflect their personality. This means the traditional funeral simply may not suit their style, as it may not be a reflection of who the person was. In these cases, you might want to consider alternative funeral plans, making sure you take their wishes into account, and also make it an event they would have loved. 

Work with the funeral home

A good funeral home will offer a lot of different options for a funeral, so you can make sure it suits their style. When you work with the best funeral home Parramatta, you can be sure you’ll get lots of ways to personalise the funeral, so you can turn it into the right sort of occasion for your loved one. You will be able to turn the ceremony into something they’d love and ensure they get the right kind of send-off. 

Consider an alternative memorial

Most people think there are only cremations or burials available and will pick one of the two, but there are actually plenty of things you can do when you lay your loved one to rest. Turning cremains into a diamond is a popular choice, as this can be turned into a piece of jewellery that you can wear daily, so part of them is always with you. If your loved one was an eco-warrior, consider a natural burial, which is much better for the environment and means they can be buried beneath a tree or in a meadow in a special graveyard.

Turn up in style

As nice as a stylish black hearse can be, it’s not everyone’s style. There are lots of options for alternative ways to get your loved one to the funeral, including:

  • Motorbike sidecar hearses
  • Campervans
  • Adapted vintage cars
  • Horse and carriage
  • Military vehicles

If your loved one was a petrolhead or someone who loved to make a big entrance, consider something different from the standard hearse for a unique funeral. 

Choose a suitable venue

When it comes to funeral venues, there are certain restrictions about where they can be held for obvious reasons. If you’re using a funeral grant scheme, you’ll get quite a limited list of venues that are approved for use. However, this doesn’t stop you from also holding an informal memorial. Lots of people hold a memorial service on the anniversary of a loved ones’ death or a special date such as their birthday. You can then decide exactly what you want to do, from letting friends and family speak, to having a band or letting off fireworks. The choice really is yours.

Lots of events are now changing from being formal to becoming more personalised. This can also be seen in the funeral industry, where you’ll notice that people want ceremonies and wakes that truly reflect their loved one. While there are certain restrictions on what can be done at a funeral, you will have plenty of ways to personalise things and make it an occasion that suits your loved one. 

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