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Why Immune Health is Important?

Did you know that a big part of living a healthy lifestyle is because it directly affects your immune system?

In fact, when you are healthy, your immune system will be functioning perfectly and you won’t even realize that there is a heap of bad viruses and diseases that were trying to harm your body. This is because your immune system works as a first responder in ensuring that anything harmful to your body is eliminated as soon as possible!

This is great news, especially considering the health risks that face us as we try to survive this year. While we wait for a vaccine to be created for Covid-19, one of the best mechanisms to stay protected amidst this pandemic is by looking after our immune system.

There are plenty of ways to ensure a healthy immune system. This includes getting enough regular sleep, eating a healthy diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables, exercising daily, and incorporating  AHCC usage into your daily routine.

In addition to giving yourself better chances against Covid-19, here are our reasons why you really need to look after your immune system.

1.   If it is healthy, you will feel great

The best benefit of having a healthy immune system is that you will physically feel great. This is because all the bad stuff has been rid of by the immune system, leaving you with more energy to enjoy your day at hand!

2.   You could be at risk for auto-immune disorders

If you do not look after your immune system through living a healthy lifestyle, you put yourself at risk of actually having your immune system backfire on you! This is where your body starts attacking itself with fatal responses from things like food—and can create autoimmune disorders.  You are at most risk of developing this during your youth, which is why a healthy lifestyle is vital since birth.

3.   A happy gut is a happy immune system

How crazy is this, nearly 80% of your body’s cells that aid your immune system lives in your gut! This is why your diet is so vital to your immune system’s health and why probiotics are a great supplement to ensure you give your body every day. When your gut is happy, your immune system has a much better chance of being strong enough to fight off anything!

4.   Immune health prevents allergies

Research is showing that any allergies you might  develop are actually dependent on the first three to four years of your life. When taking the right steps such as sleep, diet, and exercise from a young age, your immune system has a much better chance of preventing any allergies from developing. This same research is showing that breast milk is one of the best nutritious elements you can consume at a young age to aid your immunes system to maximum health.

5.   Immune health lets you enjoy life more

Imagine never having to deal with being sick! A healthy immune system allows your body a fighting chance of not having to hibernate for a week to fight the common cold or the flu. Instead, you can spend your days feeling more energized and doing the activities you love!

These are just a few reasons why immune health is so important for us to focus on, especially this year. Immune health not only increases our chances of not being affected by viruses or bacteria infections, but it equally allows us to live our lives more energetically. All it takes is being mindful of what you do for your health and wellness daily.

From taking AHCC supplements to doing a daily yoga session, your immunity health is something you can easily strengthen!

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