Rogue Magazine Features The Subscription Model Industry Trend

The Subscription Model Industry Trend

COVID changed the way many industries and the workplace itself fundamentally works. Needing the ability to get products completely remotely opened up a lot of new possibilities. One way these possibilities were realized was through subscription services. New monthly services, things like BirchBox and Bark, became more appealing than ever.

Outside of that things like Amazon Prime became near necessities. Having products shipped to one’s home through a subscription service just became so much easier than the alternatives. InstaCart is another company which saw major gains due to this move towards home convenience.

The best thing about subscription services is they’re affordably practical. While it will undoubtedly cost extra, high use of the service will start to balance that out. For example, getting a subscription to shop at Costco is expensive. Yet it slowly becomes much cheaper than typical stores when shopped frequently.

This is what positions subscriptions so positively today. They give people the remote and practical experience they’re looking for, and at least feel affordable. Every generation sees more subscriptions than the generations past. This is neither a good or bad thing inherently. Right now subscriptions are in a great place, but it’s yet to be seen how that may change.

Data shows subscriptions are here to stay

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