Rogue Magazine Features How To Make Your House Look Stylish On A Budget

How To Make Your House Look Stylish On A Budget

Everyone would love to live in a stylish looking home, but for many people, their desire for style seems constrained by their budget, and they are left with a home whose design doesn’t speak to them. That doesn’t have to be the case. We have found numerous ways to redesign your home on a budget, so you can have the stylish home of your dreams.

Get a Big, Ol’ Rug for Your Living Room

If you can get the right rug size, it will do wonders for your living room. You want a rug that caters both to your living room shape and your furniture, so that your furniture will feel more connected and your living room space larger. There are three general layouts: have all your furniture legs on top of the rug; have the front legs on top of the rug; have all the furniture except the coffee table, off the rug. If your preferred layout has a sofa on the rug, you should make sure that the rug extends a minimum of 6’ on either side so that you get the right sort of scale.

Rugs with bright colors or patterns are a great statement piece if your room has lots of neutral colors or patterns.

Mix Up Your Textures

Mixing up your textures often makes spaces appear more polished, and professional. When you mix things up, go for contrast. You don’t want to mix similar textures or finishes. Contrast sharpens the effect of what you have. For example, if you own a wooden entertainment center, mounting a few metallic accessories will sharpen the look of the center, and make it appear even more stunning. One of my favorite ideas is, if you have a leather sofa, to combine it with quilted or fluffy pillows to contrast with the sofa’s smoothness. This effect is even more pronounced if you own one of the Clek car seats

Hide Clutter with Decorative Bowls and Baskets

What do you notice when you see a model home? They are usually meticulously organized, and very neat. For the normal family, that level of organization and neatness is often hard to maintain. What you can do, however, is have decorative bowls and baskets around the house, for you to hide your clutter and still give your home a luxurious look. You can put your kids’ or pet’s toys in them, or place sets of keys and other small items there. You can put decorative bowls along the hallways of your home so there is always somewhere to place stuff you need to stash away.

Overstuff Your Pillows

There’s nothing that screams luxury quite like an overstuffed pillow. Hotels have them for a reason. They suggest an affluence and luxury that lights up any room. And, they don’t cost a lot. To get that overstuffed look, get throw pillow covers and fill them up with inserts that are slightly bigger than the throw pillow covers. Place your overstuffed pillows on sofas, beds, armchairs, and any other place where you think they could improve the feel of the room. Your guests will feel like they are stepping into a dreamy 5-star hotel. This is one of the simplest tricks to make rooms look dreamy.

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