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How to Create the Perfect Study Area at Home

When it comes to creating a study area at home, it does not matter if it is for a young child or college student, the concept stays the same. They will need comfortable, ergonomic furniture that is set in a quiet area with no distractions. Having the right environment is key to academic success. Study is a large part of a student’s life and if they are going to do it from home, it must be in a suitable environment. 

Chair & Table

Let us start with the furniture. A student will spend many hours sitting in front of a computer, so the desk and chair must be comfortable. When you buy a desk and chair, you should focus on ergonomics. 

  • How well does it support the students?
  • Does the table provide enough room for study?
  • Is the table sturdy?
  • Is the chair adjustable to different heights?

Do some ergonomics research to ensure you buy the right type of product. Grocorp’s school chairs and tables are specialised products that are designed for classroom and home learning environments. When purchasing a study desk, make sure you focus on a multipurpose product. 

For example, if other kids will be coming over to the house to work on a school project, you will need a table that is sturdy and has enough space to accommodate all of the students. If it is just a single study desk that is required, think about what the student will need when using it. Is there space for a laptop? Is the table adjustable? Once you order the right furniture, you should also speak to them about ergonomics. Talk about how to sit properly while working at a desk and why it is important not to slouch. 


When you have selected the right furniture, the next step is to look at the right location. Setting up a study zone in the student’s room is not a good idea. If they associate their bedroom with work, it could affect their sleeping patterns. 

You need to choose a quiet area where there are minimal distractions. Using the garage or a spare room is a good idea. Always avoid areas like the kitchen or living room. 

Background Noise

There is a lot of research on how noise can affect our brains during study and there is a mixed response to its benefits. Some studies have shown that it is effective at helping us to concentrate while others say it hinders study. If a student cannot focus in a quiet area, background noise may be beneficial. 


Having the right type of lighting can improve study and help students to stay motivated. It is important to study in an area with lots of natural light. 

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when setting up a home study area. The type of furniture you buy is important as students must be comfortable while sitting at a desk. The right location which is brightly lit by natural light will help them to focus and reach each study goal.

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