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Be Aware of These Common Driving Distractions

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Driving is an activity that takes a lot of concentration to keep everyone on the road safe. One of the most common issues that occur on the road is, however, distraction. It’s one thing you don’t want to be distracted from, and yet the number of incidents on the road that lead to severe accidents are high every year. Distractions can lead to anything from fender benders to fatal accidents for all involved, and as we’re supposed to be responsible for the lives of ourselves and others on the road, we want to avoid distractions as much as possible. 

We have to be careful of our actions on the road so that we remain concentrating on the other cars and the road ahead. We need to have self awareness, and while we all know what it’s like to be distracted while we’re trying to get things done at home, it doesn’t help to be distracted while we drive. 

Common Driving Distractions

There are different types of driving distractions out there and you need to be aware of them all so that you can better avoid them. Here are some of the most common driving distractions that – if you’re not careful – could see you booking your car into an auto body shop in West Jordan.

Mobile Phones

Your cell phone is your crutch, your way to communicate with the world. Do you know when you don’t need to communicate with the rest of your family? While you’re driving. Phones aren’t just for calling people, they’re for social media, checking messages and playing games. None of which you should be doing while you drive. Put it away and put it on silent so you’re not distracted.


If you get hungry on your drive, pull over somewhere safe and eat with the car stationery. What are you going to do if you drop sauce down your shirt? The natural thing to do is wipe it up but if you’re on the highway going at high speed, you need to avoid eating altogether. Eating with one hand puts your concentration into your hand and not onto the road.


It’s nice to bring passengers around in the car, but passengers have to respect the driver and not spend their time screaming and yelling in the car. It’s a little different if you have children in the car, but if your friends are loud and distracting, it’s time they take the bus.

Windscreen Issues

If your windscreen has issues with cracks and chips, you’re going to find these issues get in your way and pull your focus from the road. Make sure that you stay off the road until these chips are fixed, and they’re easily done!

You need to be able to concentrate on the road without needing to swerve or end up in an accident. Your car doesn’t need the damage and you need to hang onto life – which is fragile as it is! Next time you’re driving, be aware of the things that can distract you and eliminate them before you get going!

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