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Using Brand Archetypes to Choose a Gift

The power of corporate gifting is significant, as it helps to improve and grow a business in more ways than one. Proper gift giving can help retain customers, boost word of mouth, and build constant touchpoints between clients and a brand. Studies even show that brands that follow well-defined archetypes rose in value by a shocking 97% in comparison to brands without a strong identity.

What is a brand archetype, you may be asking? Archetypes refer to the personality, tone, and voice of your brand. These archetypes have been developed using the 12 major personalities, first coined by Carl Jung in the 1940s. SOme of these personalities include “The Caregiver”, “The Sage”, “The Everyman”, and “The Hero”. Aligning a brand with an archetype can turn any brand into a relatable personality, helping to steer away from generic messaging and inauthenticity.

Pairing corporate gifts with brand archetypes can create instantaneous connections. There are several gift pairings that experts have developed that can have a positive impact on customer and company relations. For example, a kaleidoscope has been recommended for the brand archetype “The Magician” and a robe set for “The Lover”.

No matter the gift, corporate gift giving allows for a deeper connection beyond the conference room and can elevate any brand to the next level.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype

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