Rogue Magazine Features Can CBD Oil Help You With Sleep?

Can CBD Oil Help You With Sleep?

CBD products have been enjoying an explosion in popularity lately, with many consumers around the world beginning to warm up to them when they were once a social anathema. Doubtlessly, the primary reason that CBD has become so acceptable in the mainstream over the past few years is that it’s proven to be effective when treating a wide variety of loathsome medical conditions, (even to calm down a cat), which frustrate patients.

Lately, more and more attention has been paid to CBD as a treatment for insomnia. Can CBD oil really help you with sleep? Here’s what to know about CBD and shuteye if you’re struggling to snooze.

CBD is proven to be effective

There are two important things which must be established about CBD products; the first is that they don’t produce psychoactive effects in their users, so you don’t have to worry about getting high if you’re simply looking for a medication that can help you. The second is that CBD is already proven to be effective; a lengthy presentation given to the United States Senate by Nora D. Volkow, the Director for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, clearly illustrates that CBD is being leveraged around the nation to great effect.

As Volkow’s testimony makes clear, CBD doesn’t intoxicate users or endanger their health. Rather, it’s being leveraged by medical professionals and curious patients to solve various problems, especially those having to do with anxiety and seizures. Those who are struggling with insomnia as a result of an anxiety disorder may thus find CBD oil and similar products to be tremendously helpful. While clinical trials to test the best CBD oil products are few and far between, largely because the prohibition of cannabis prevented in-depth research from being conducted, more and more studies are being conducted now that recreational and medicinal marijuana is legal in many states.

It’s thus only natural that CBD oil and similar products should continue to pick up steam as time goes on, largely because many consumers who are presently hesitant to embrace CBD will quickly be taught about how effective it really is. According to the CDC, 1 in 3 American adults are struggling to get enough sleep, so the widespread adoption of CBD oil to soothe insomnia could present a real opportunity for the nation, including those in senior day care,  to bolster the health of the overall population.

CBD is going mainstream

A multitude of medical professionals around the country have already embraced CBD products as a means of treating their patients, but in the forthcoming years we’re going to see CBD finally hit the mainstream as it’s overwhelming benefits become impossible to deny. A recent report from the Los Angeles Times demonstrates that CBD products are also now warranting national and international news coverage, such is the extent to which they’ve already penetrated the modern marketplace.

CBD won’t just alleviate the symptoms of some insomniacs if it’s in oil form, either, but can be applied in a wide variety of ways. CBD butters, lotions, and tonics are already available on the consumer market, and we can expect an even greater variety of products to proliferate across the market sooner rather than later. Given that consumers are clearly going gaga for CBD, this is effectively the dawn of a cannabis revolution when it comes to medicine.

Can CBD oil really help you sleep? The truth of the matter is that insomniacs around the country are already using CBD products to alleviate their symptoms. Those who are curious about CBD shouldn’t hesitate to consult a qualified medical professional in order to broach the possibility of tapping into the marvelous power of CBD for fighting anxiety, seizures, insomnia, and other terrible symptoms.

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