Rogue Magazine Features Relish Reveals 7 Small, Everyday Ways to Be More Romantic

Relish Reveals 7 Small, Everyday Ways to Be More Romantic

When your life feels so constrained it can be hard to find the romantic in the everyday. That’s one of the reasons couples turn to Relish, an expert-driven relationship development app that uses tools like this guide along with interactive features that help find opportunities to grow the relationship. So, what’s your homework for today?

Active Listening: we’ll start with one of the hardest, but one that can expand your relationship like nothing else. To do this, sit face to face with no distractions, even if you find it difficult. One speaks, the other listens, and then paraphrases what he or she heard. It’s amazing how deep this one goes.

Water Saving: Simple, fun, and a great way to get to work on time. Share the soap, share the loofah, help each other get clean, and start your day with togetherness.

Screen Free: The one couples often dread. Dinner without phones, and with conversation. Put gadgets somewhere else, another room preferably, under a pillow to silence them. You’ll be surprised how much you’ve been missing each other in modern chaos.

Dress to Impress: Get some nice takeout or just mac and cheese with hotdogs, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you dress the way you two do when you’ve got someplace fancy to go to, and dine feeling like the power couple you are.

Walking Through the Neighborhood: Before or after dinner, or early in the morning. Take a walk together, just the two of you. Hold hands, talk among yourselves or silently check out nature, and enjoy just being present with each other for a little while.

Stargazing: Step outside later in the evening and look up. Yup, they’re still there — the stars that form our galaxy and beyond. Enjoy the view, name a few, and maybe talk about how it feels to be part of a time when we can take a drive around Mars.

Six Seconds: Experts say that six seconds change a kiss into, well, a kiss that you’ll remember. Romantic. So, from time to time, linger a little while and feel it, get that thrill that brings back your very first kiss together.

More about the Relish App

Relish is an inclusive relationship coaching app that helps couples who have reached a watershed point in their togetherness, often starting at about a year together. It addresses the needs of people who are looking for practical, personalized advice, and mindful insights to enrich their relationship experience. Rather than engaging the couple in traditional couch and conversation with a professional, Relish uses a weekly structure of personalized ideas with interactions such as activities and relationship quizzes.

Relish’s carefully matched activities call on the insights and experience of a diverse team, from professional counselors and coaches to psychologists. The popular app provides a dynamic growth path that’s unique for each situation and intention. Users receive not only advice and insights, but specific actions and growth experiences.

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