Rogue Magazine Features Consequences You’ll Have to Face Due to a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Consequences You’ll Have to Face Due to a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Living a healthy lifestyle can be derailed in an immense way with a substance abuse issue. The truth is that drugs and alcohol slowly damage the body. Certain drugs are far more dangerous and can lead to appearance issues in a matter of months like that of methamphetamine and crack cocaine. Alcohol is more accepted in today’s society as it seems like everyone drinks for every occasion. People drink when they are celebrating, sad, or simply bored. Alcohol’s legal status makes it more acceptable but addiction to alcohol can prove fatal. The following are consequences you will face due to an alcohol or drug addiction.

Legal Problems

Legal issues come along with addiction whether you are arrested for a DUI/DWI or drug possession. A drug crime lawyer or one that deals with drinking impaired can be a huge help. Treatment of some kind is likely going to be part of a plea deal or probation. Completing this can allow for a lenient sentence and there can be treatment offers in lieu of jail time. The last thing you want to do is risk your freedom with a public defender when there are other options available.

Unhealthy Weight Gain or Loss

Gaining weight is a staple of drinking excessively as alcohol contains quite a few empty calories. The empty calories are not the only issue as people tend to eat like savages when they have had too much to drink. Combine these factors with hangovers causing you to skip the gym and you will see why alcohol can lead to weight gain. Weight loss is also common as some people get all of their calories just from alcohol so their bodies are running on poison. Weight loss is also common in people that are addicted to drugs that act like stimulants.

Personal Relationships Will Crumble

Personal relationships can crumble due to addiction but this does depend on the depth of your addiction. A person that has an opiate addiction can spend hundreds of dollars a day just to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol can make people volatile which can lead to friendships and even marriages being ruined. Stealing is a huge aspect of losing people in your life and is a surefire way to get cut out of a person’s life unless they are an enabler.

Permanent Damage Can be Done

The human body can only take so much punishment over the course of time. Permanent damage of the organs and brain chemistry can result from years of substance abuse. Dopamine receptors could be burnt out from using a narcotic that stimulates this chemical in the brain. The liver is going to be impacted by alcohol and drug usage as it is used to filter our bodies. Luckily, the liver is a resilient organ and can regenerate if it is not abused on a daily basis.

Addiction can wreak havoc on an entire family if not managed appropriately. If you think that you have a problem you should reach out to someone now as “quitting tomorrow” never seems to work. For immediate help with alcohol addiction, contact The Hader Clinic for a Free 60-Minute Consultation.

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