Rogue Magazine Features How to Successfully Catch Fireflies During your Camping | Christian Hayes Danvers

How to Successfully Catch Fireflies During your Camping | Christian Hayes Danvers

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Catching fireflies on a warm summer night while camping is a timeless tradition that can add an extra touch of magic to your outdoor experience.

The enchanting glow and playful flight of these insects have captivated generations of campers. However, learning how to successfully catch fireflies can be a daunting task for the inexperienced. In this guide, Christian Hayes Danvers Resident unveil the secrets to successful firefly hunting; from selecting the right equipment to creating the ideal habitat for these magical creatures. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a new adventurer, this guide will help you to make the most of your camping trip and experience the beauty of fireflies up close and personal.

Things to Consider Before Catching Fireflies

Switch off the Outdoor Lights

This is the first and most important thing to do before getting started. You’ll have to turn off any outdoor lights since fireflies are known to be attracted to darkness. If you have a walkway light or camp light that’s on, ensure you turn it off to help make the fireflies move closer to you.

Fireflies often rely on their light patterns to mate, so any other light could cause distraction or confusion and might likely scare them away. Keeping the area less illuminated will also allow you to easily spot the fireflies and give room for an easy catch.

Use your Flashlight

You can create your own “artificial firefly” with a flashlight by switching it on and off to create a firefly effect. Once you replicate their light patterns, this could attract them to you since fireflies are known to communicate with their lights. Try to put a blue paper or plastic disc over your flashlight to give it a blue color. This will attract them more, as scientists believe that fireflies interpret blue colors differently from other colors.

Stay Calm and Quiet

Here is another important factor you need to consider when trying to catch fireflies. Being relaxed, quiet, and calm will make the fireflies come closer to you, as noises are capable of scaring them away. If you must approach them, walk gently and quietly. This will not make them feel endangered and will allow you to catch as many fireflies as possible.

How to Successfully Catch Fireflies in Camp

There are 3 different ways of catching fireflies. It all depends on the method you find convenient. When you effectively follow any of the various methods below, you’ll successfully catch the fireflies you’ve always wanted.

Using your Hands

This is the most traditional and popular method of catching fireflies. You have to be meticulous with this method by approaching them as slowly as possible. This will allow them to maintain a calm flying path and allow you to easily reach them without making the fireflies feel endangered.

Once you’ve approached your target, gently stretch your hands and try to cup the firefly between your palms, while ensuring that you tightly cup the outer part of your hands as you carry out this process. However, don’t cup your hands too tightly so you don’t crush the firefly. After securing your first catch, put it in a mason jar or any other safe place you intend to keep it and repeat the same process until you catch as many fireflies as you want.

Using a Mason Jar

If you can’t go through the hassles that come with catching fireflies with your hands, using a jar will be practical. And it’s quite straightforward. All you need to do is open your jar and begin to move the jar slowly in the air. Let the firefly fly into the opening of the jar and carefully close the lid to secure the firefly. This process might not allow you to catch as many fireflies unless you have an extra jar to keep the ones you already caught.

Using a Net

This is by far the easiest method of catching fireflies. So if you have a net in camp, use it by flowing the net around the habitat of the fireflies. Ensure you do this slowly and gently so that you don’t harm them during the process.

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Things to do after Catching Fireflies

Keep Fireflies Safe

If you plan to keep the fireflies, a transparent glass jar is ideal because it allows you to see the fireflies in their radiant light. But as you keep them, you must ensure they survive by ensuring the conditions inside the jar don’t end up harming or killing them. In other words, make the jar suitable and comfortable for them. You can do this by putting a few strands of fresh grass in the jar and also putting a slice of apple to keep the air in the jar as moist as possible.

Release them after a while

It’s always tempting to keep the fireflies for a long time, but this can be detrimental to their survival as they need to be in their natural habitat to stay alive. So, release them after a few hours because keeping them for too long might cause them to die. And if you must keep them overnight, ensure you let them go in the morning to guarantee their survival.


Capturing the mesmerizing dance of fireflies on a camping trip can be the best highlight of your outdoor experience. But to ensure the safety and preservation of these delicate creatures, it’s important to be mindful of their natural habitat and timing.

The key to succeeding at catching fireflies is to do it safely and responsibly. This can be achieved by following the various techniques and procedures that have been discussed in this guide. By following what’s been discussed so far, you’ll enjoy the beauty of these glowing insects while also preserving their population and habitat.

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